Maldives Trip 29th September – 3rd October 2014

I am lucky enough to make the trip to Maldives before it’s fully underwater. Time is running out people; paradise is sinking. I was really glad that Tigerair (budget carrier) now flies to Male and I can fulfil my dream beach vacation!

Airplane Shot

I planned my accommodation at Adaraan Prestige Vadoo.

Basically our criteria was that it has to be a water villa, because we’re likely only going there once in our life and we didn’t want to stick with the usual hotel rooms on land. Our other criteria was that it must not burn a hole in our pockets. As enticing as the pictures you see on Instagram, the hefty price tag of those high-end water villas cost upwards of USD$1,500 per night.

After some research on Agoda, we chose the most affordable/discounted water villa that we liked from the pictures. Word of advice: if you book Bed & Breakfast option, do bring food (except pork) there to munch on for some meals. Each main course costs about USD$30-$40 per person, so I’d suggest going for the all-inclusive full-board option if you are going to eat and drink a lot.

Water Villas

Our cosy island was small, and it takes us about 15 minutes to walk around the perimeter, with the water villas being an extension accessible via a wooden boardwalk. We were given a warm welcome and were so impressed by our accommodation for the next 4 nights!


My favorite feature was the plunge pool right outside our room, which has a breathtaking view of the sunset. We could also take the wooden stairs from our villa down to the house reef just below us. It was really quite a luxury like no other I’ve experienced.

Plunge Pool


Because it rained for some of days, we were chilling around most of the time in the comfort of our room and relaxing. It really helps that they provide wifi in the room so we could stream shows while having our meals in bed.

They have a swimming pool, which we visited twice because it just felt right to have fries and drinks delivered to us by the poolside.

Swimming Pool


The service staff at Adaraan Prestige Vadoo is excellent, and our butler was kind enough to help us secretly decorate our bed on our monthversary, when we were having a special Japanese dinner. I mentioned special because we were the only 2 people there, and we found out the Japanese restaurant was not inside the all-inclusive package, hence none of the other guests eat there.

Decorated Bed

Their food portions were HUGE, and I was so happy with the serving size. The quality is alright for the exorbitant price, but I guess with a monopoly they can charge whatever price they want and get away with it. I certainly remembered paying $6 for a bottle of water.


An activity that I enjoyed there was snorkeling! I would wake up early in the morning to jump into the house reef below and snorkel with the fishes (before it rains). The fishes here are a bit slower, and some of them even swam up to me & let me touch them. It’s a pity I don’t have an underwater camera to capture the beauty under the sea.


On the last day, it was with a heavy heart that I had to leave the island, but I am also happy for the wonderful memories created during our vacation.

Japanese Restaurant



Love you!