3 Reasons to Snack during the Christmas Festive Season

Have you ever felt the mood to eat more during December? We all suffer from this syndrome called the Festive Season. Come Christmas time, everyone needs to be pampered and treated to goodies and snacks.


Here are 3 reasons why you NEED to snack more:

1.  Snacking increases your productivity!

Do you know: The saying goes that a happy employee is a productive employee. Whenever you see a restless colleague at work (because it’s December and they can’t wait to do their Christmas shopping), offer them a snack and you will put a smile on their face.


2. Snacking doesn’t require you to think!

Do you know: Snacks4me is a new type of ‘Snackerzine’ that brings you the latest and most talked about snacks right to your doorstep. Every month, Snacks4me will search through various parts of the world to bring you a carefully curated box of snacks that is full of surprises. Snacks4me is committed to challenge your palate with the weirdest and most exotic taste combinations you could ever imagine.

Snacks4me Box

Some of these limited edition snacks aren’t even available on the local market, and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. You don’t have to squeeze your brain juice to think of what special snacks to buy. You don’t have to travel to faraway places to buy your limited edition snacks.  does the hard work for you, so you can just relax. How awesome is that!


For a limited time only, Snacks4me is offering a special 20% discount for all new orders. This is a unique way to give your loved ones a Christmas present this year!

Remember to use this promo code “S4MNEW20” during check-out to receive your discount 🙂

Go ahead. Buy a box for your family and friends. But most importantly, remember to buy for yourself too!!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Chocolate Origin

I’m sure some of you, my friends, have heard about or tried Chocolate Origin, known for its amazing chocolate cake that’s the best in Singapore (as voted by myself).

They come in Original or Dark.

Chocolate Origin

Simple, elegant, and rich in flavour.

Chocolate Origin 2

Their cake needs no raving reviews because there are plenty out there already. What grabbed my interest this time round was the cute latte art that’s available at their outlets in Bugis Junction and Kallang Wave Mall!

Check out these 3D latte art creations.

3D latte Art

Minion Latte Art

Chocolate Origin Cake and Latte Art

They go perfectly with Chocolate Origin’s Cuppa Lava Cake, or a slice of their speciality bitter-sweet dark chocolate cake.

Lava Cake

Here’s their website so go check them out!


Remember to hashtag #ChocolateOrigin when you post on Instagram, and stand a chance to win a prize~



Golf Lessons from Learningcourses.com.sg [Sponsored Post]

Golf has been my main sport since I was young, when I first picked it up in Secondary School, and continuing in Junior College and University where I was actively involved in the Golf Committee.

After starting work, it has been some time since I’ve headed down to the golf course for a round of 18 holes, and I’ve been longing to hit the green again with my friends. I was searching for golf lessons to refresh my golf skills once again and I find that learningcourses.com.sg is an excellent website to search for various different courses to pick up!

Star Golf Academy

I managed to find Star Golf Academy’s golf lessons package via this website. Star Golf Academy is based at Tanjong Rhu (Marina Bay Golf Course), which is just 10 minutes from my house and is the perfect location for me! They have a beginner package, consisting of 10 lessons for as low as $380. Given my prior experience in organising golf lessons for NTU students, this is actually a very competitive rate for small group coaching! Beginner Rates

For golfers with some prior experience at the driving range, but wish to have the flexibility to be coached on the golf course itself, there is an intermediate package available too! This package also has a small group size, and is probably suited for those that want just a few sessions to perfect their swing. You can check out Star Golf Academy’s website here for more details. Intermediate Rates

Personally, I’d go for the hourly private coaching with a Local PRO. This one-to-one coaching with a professional seems to work very well with my friends, and they said it’s the fastest and most effective way to correct a swing. I’ll probably go sign up and give my reviews here afterwards Hourly Pro

Learningcourses.com.sg also has many other different kinds of courses listed, and there’s a handy searchbar to find what you need. I was looking for language courses and as expected, many options were available!

There is a very cool feature – you can “chat” with a support assistant to ask any questions when you are on the website! No need to send an email and wait a few days for a response. Save your time and get a reply instantly! I used this function myself and am very pleased with the response from their customer service.

Last but not least, there’s no additional charges when signing up for courses via this website, so no harm checking it out and you might just find something you like.

Starbucks Card: Singapore River scene

I am an avid collector of Starbucks Cards from all over the world, and I thought it would be nice to blog about the Singapore River Starbucks Card.
It’s the first Starbucks card to be released in Singapore during October 2010, and needless to say, it is very rare and hard to find one now that is still in mint condition.



It features the Singapore River scene, and the back of the card would mention that you can only use it in Singapore (not anywhere else).

Some useful information to note is that ALL Starbucks cards in Singapore have to be loaded with minimum SGD$10 in order to receive the card. One may then spend the balance on drinks/merchandise. This makes Singapore Starbucks cards slightly more costly to obtain as compared to some other common cards from North America, where they might be free to take off the shelf depending on the barista.

An important point to note – most collectors put emphasis on the PIN code at the back of the card being unscratched. This means that if a card is to be collected and you wish to retain its “collectible value”, it should not be registered online.

I hope this basic 101 post will enlighten many Singapore Starbucks lovers as well as overseas readers. I will probably continue on with this series of Starbucks card blog posts when time allows.


River Safari Singapore

Ever since the hype about Kai Kai and Jia Jia coming to Singapore, we’ve been wanting to visit the River Safari Singapore. We only found out recently that it had its soft opening in April 2013, so off we go to explore somewhere fun & new.


Heads up, the Wild Amazonia section is still not open yet. This includes the river boat ride, and that makes up about 1/3 of the entire River Safari. So if you want to just visit once and experience the whole thing, do wait a while more before going.

First things first, PANDA!


It was actually quite active, and everyone just flocked to where it decided to chill at.

Panda Eating

Just chilling and eating bamboo shoots. The other shy panda was hiding and there was a CCTV of its hide-out, but apparently panda decided to smash it because it wasn’t working anymore when we passed by the screen.

Peeping Panda

Look who we spotted peeping out from a bag!

Although the Giant Pandas are big and fluffy, my favorite animal of the day is actually the Red Panda!

Red Panda

There are two of them and one kept pacing around the edge of the enclosure. The other was roaming around on the branches above our heads.

Red Panda Climbing

It’s a beauty ain’t it.

Red Panda Running

The pandas are the lucky ones in the River Safari that lives in air-con and doesn’t have to brave the elements of sun and rain.

The other river exhibits are pretty ordinary to us, lots of fishes and a few crocodiles.

Long-Nosed Fish

Pinocchio Fish.

There is also a huge aquarium that houses lots of manatees. It felt peaceful to sit there and watch them float around like mermaids.


Here is one huge manatee feeding on lots of vegetables.



Gen & MS (GEMS) our double date for the day~



All of us were wearing animal-related tees that day too!

It was a pretty short trip, we completed the whole circle in about an hour plus. Unlike the Zoo, which is much bigger and more open-ended to how you want to explore the areas.

I actually think it would be better if they added this as part of the Zoo instead of a whole new area altogether. I don’t think it’s substantial enough to survive as an attraction on its own. Just my thoughts!





Penang Trip 4th – 6th March 2013

Mini OSOS had a mini getaway during NTU’s recess week to Penang!

It was a short 3D2N holiday, where we stayed at Holiday Inn Penang (Batu Ferringhi) for $158 per night in the 2 double beds room. We flew Air Asia and return tickets costs about $100 taxes included. That was the basically the majority of what we spent for the trip, because food there is really cheap. With the exception of the numerous taxi rides to and fro, most of our time was actually spent hunting for food. This photo is taken on the first day when I was still excited by the sun and beach.

Batu Ferringhi Beach

Location-wise, I would actually NOT recommend staying along Batu Ferringhi Beach as other than the hotel amenities, some restaurants and night markets, there is nothing else to do especially in the day. We lounged in the swimming pool and watched the sunset, and were almost the only asians there. I guess it’s a very westerner thing to relax at the beach. Taxi rides to Georgetown costs RM35 one way, multiply that twice or more a day and it kind of sucks up our budget unnecessarily.

Our primary focus for the trip, and where all the action is at would be around the Georgetown area.

The first thing that we did when we reached Penang, before we even got to the hotel was to make a stop for Penang Char Kway Teow.

Penang Char Kway Teow

This is from Kafe Heng Huat, Lorong Slamet. I don’t know if it’s because of first impressions, but I vote this as the best Penang Char Kway Teow we had.

Ou Jian

Their Ou Jian is also delicious. It’s more cheesy than floury, if you know what I mean.

Kafe Heng Huat

Look out for this yellow signboard!

After a meal comes desserts. We searched for the famous Penang Chendol that is served in a blue bowl and this is it.

Penang Chendol

Verdict: It’s really normal and we all couldn’t finish it. Singapore chendol at your hawker centre probably tastes better. Disappointment!

The next food recommendation is by a taxi uncle, asking us to try Kway Kak (粿角). Initially we didn’t know what the hell that was but when it was served, it’s actually similar to black carrot cake.

Kway Kak

This was eaten up very very quickly. The coffeeshop next to them sells decent Chee Cheong Fun too! They asked us if we wanted it chopped up, which we didn’t understand again and just replied yes.

Chee Cheong Fun

Damn good. I don’t like to eat this in Singapore, but these were bite-sized and smooth so I cheong-ed them down too.

Our stomachs bulged but we persevered. Next on the list is Penang Laksa!

Penang Laksa

The famous Assam Penang Laksa was not well-loved by us. I personally feel there were too many things that I don’t fancy getting in my way when eating the noodles/drinking the soup.

The final dish that I’m going to feature here is Lor Bak. We painstakingly went to this place twice because it wasn’t open on the first day.

Lor Bak

Deep-fried meat and fishcake-like thingies. I don’t know what I’m eating but it sure is addictive. This famous Lor Bak is found at Kafe Kheng Pin.

Kafe Kheng Pin

This meal did not come easy indeed. We booked a taxi uncle for the day to bring us to the different food places, but then we happily left all our baggage in his car, and agreed to meet him back at the coffeeshop in 30 mins. The problem surfaced when Kian Yong realized he left his passport together with the bag in the car and we had no way of identifying our friendly driver except for him affectionately being called uncle. We were so complacent that Singapore is safe and assumed everywhere was the same. Anyways, he really came back to fetch us and we just camwhored while worrying/feeling stupid.

Worriedly smiling

Other than eating non-stop, we took some time to digest the food at the beautiful beach, watching the sunset.

Penang Sunset

The 4 of us at the beach, with Noobwei forgetting to bring her swimming attire.


We also checked out the Penang Street Art wall mural trail and were pleasantly surprised that they are all quite near each other. However, some of the paintings can hardly be seen anymore due to weather-related wear and tear so if you want to visit do go soon!

Gravity Models

We were demonstrating some new amazing scientific discovery, where gravity works stronger when people take group pictures

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

Someone’s being a drama-mama.

Penang Jetty

All of us being drama-mamas. 陪你去看流星雨,落在这地球上~

We met some solo tour guide bringing a couple around, and he recommended us this hippie place to have coffee/dessert. It’s called China House, and it’s a VERY VERY VERY long shophouse that serves a lot of desserts and is a good place to chill. We had their Tiramisu and it was orgasmic.


Chinahouse Tiramisu

What caught our eye was how HUGE the cake was.

While searching for night food markets, we were told that Gurney Drive was a good spot to go for street food. There is some parking lot next to Gurney Plaza that transforms into a night market in the evening. We sinned there by stuffing ourselves with food.

Fried Lok Lok

One thing that’s more interesting is their Fried Lok Lok! I’ve only seen the steamboat version in Singapore, but this one is more unhealthy.

All in all, this was a very relaxing trip with great company! We tried many new and fun things I’m sure, and the HTHT sessions were top-notch.

Penang Jetty

Our WE LOVE PENANG group photo.

For more pictures go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151341687132341.1073741826.530732340&type=3


Valentine’s Day 2013 at Basilico, Regent Hotel

Michelle and I celebrated our 4th Valentine’s Day together this year!

The First was at Cathay where we caught Valentine’s Day (the movie) and had dinner at Prego. The Second was at our place of origin (top secret). The Third was our epic “7 gifts at the 14th minute past every hour”. The Fourth this year was at Basilico, an Italian buffet at Regent Hotel!


It was highly recommended by my Uncle, so I decided to go ahead with this place. Their spread was really good, and I shall let the pictures do the talking.


Grand display of appetizers/starters at the center of the restaurant.


We made our own salad with a variety of sea salt and truffle oil.


I like their scallops and juicy prawns!

Cod Fish

In my opinion, this was actually my favorite for the day. Super delicious cod fish in miso paste. I helped myself to a lot of servings of this.


Assortment of pastas, lasagne with Wagyu beef, and lamb.

Sea Salt Prawns

Deeply regretted leaving these prawns for the last, because I was too full to eat any more. These were gone really quickly once they’re served.


What’s an italian buffet without ham?


and cheese!


The lovely girl.



It was a sumptuous lunch spent together with my love and I hope we can spend every Valentine’s Day together~

RWS: Marine Life Park Oceanarium & Adventure Water Cove

While we were still in the midst of the holiday season last December, Michelle and I visited the Marine Life Park S.E.A. Oceanarium as well as the Adventure Water Cove at RWS! I bet you didn’t know that there’s more than just hotels and USS there.

The entrance tickets were S$29 for each attraction, and we booked them online because we were afraid they would sell out like USS. However, it wasn’t really crowded when we went.

The layout of the Marine Life Park reminds us of the old Underwater World because it’s really similar. There is an addition of the mega huge “Oceanarium” that’s the world’s largest and pictures would not be able to capture it’s size.

Marine Life Park

That’s me with one of the many tanks of fish swimming inside. I really still can’t tell which is which.

The other fascinating thing was that I touched a starfish for the first time in my life!

Marine Life Park Starfish

It felt hard and shelly. Very unlike the slimy thing that will suck and devour my fingers as I thought they would.

An attempt to capture the huge-ass Oceanarium.

S.E.A. Oceanarium

There were plenty of sting-rays flying around. Quite fun to watch them glide and show their underside that is a really cute smiley face if you look closely.


We also saw plenty of jelly fishes, and the sharks were right at the last part.

The next day we went to the Adventure Water Cove! It’s a water theme park that’s way better than Wild Wild Wet and the old Fantasy Island. The best thing is that it’s still pretty new and there wasn’t much queue for the rides!

Dueling Racers

There is this Dueling Racers where you lie on a mat and slide down on your belly.

Lazy River

A lazy river that had lifeguards every 5 metres (I’m not kidding). I think it’s quite creepy when you know that the whole river is empty and when you’re floating like a water buffalo along this slow river, the lifeguards are pretending to look away but they are probably secretly judging you and thinking you’re damn lame to be so old and still playing this. or maybe it’s just me haha.

Rainbow Reef

The Rainbow Reef is quite cool! It allows us to snorkel and see the fishes up close just like when we’re out in the open sea. I think this is probably the most interesting attraction and there was a substantial queue for this.

Wave Pool

Of course all water theme parks now must have a wave pool. This shot was taken when it was drizzling and the pool was emptied of humans. The technique to enjoy the wave pool to the maximum is as follows. Grab a tube and get on. Ask someone to push you as far as possible from the shore. Afterwards, try and get your tube to be at the extreme right side of the pool (in this picture) and the waves will be MEGA huge and might probably push you all the way back to the shore in 1 wave. All humans in the path of your tube will be like bowling pins. Super fun!

There were also slides such as some toilet-bowl-like flush and a magnetic-strip propelled slide. However, cameras weren’t allowed on them so no pictures~

I had a really fun day here and you should probably go there soon before it gets crowded once more people know about it.

Jeremy & Michelle

Gardens by the Bay East

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-known spot in Singapore that’s perfect for picnics/jogs/relaxation.

It’s Gardens by the Bay East! If you drive/cab, alight just before you turn into the Marina Bay Golf Course. Those of you who do not stay near the east, you probably will get lost. It’s really deep in Tanjong Rhu area. However once you get there, the lack of crowd is really peaceful. The gardens are also very well-maintained for a public park.

This is also where you can climb up several flights of stairs to get onto Benjamin Sheares Bridge. Yes, you can walk along it like those KPMG cyclists you saw in Ah Boys to Men.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing which I wanted to try for a long while already. One thing off my bucket list =D

It’s also quite fun to go for such “hiking” trips on Sunday mornings. Next time I’m going to get into my running gear and jog along the River/Reservoir because the scenery is beautiful.

I only hope that this place remains empty and serene for as long as can be.

3rd Anniversary at ROCKU

Michelle and I had a simple 3rd Anniversary celebration at ROCKU, Bugis+ (former Iluma). It’s located at a secluded corner on the 4th floor, but their food is something worth going for!


It was during the exam period, so I didn’t want to eat the buffet (only available on weekends) and get post-food coma after that. We ordered pork belly, chicken and pork shoulders. It was all $10 or less and the servings were pretty substantial!

On Friday nights at 8p.m. if you down your beer in 3 seconds you get a free refill! I haven’t been there yet but I think there’s an MC facilitating this friendly contest. Sounds fun right!

Anybody want to go eat together can jio me =D

I will definitely want to go back again when I have BBQ meat cravings! The best part about this place is that their air-suction function of their charcoal grill is so good that your clothes actually don’t stink after this. I know it’s not related to the food but it’s a cause for concern for many people.

3rd Anniversary at ROCKU