Golf Lessons from [Sponsored Post]

Golf has been my main sport since I was young, when I first picked it up in Secondary School, and continuing in Junior College and University where I was actively involved in the Golf Committee.

After starting work, it has been some time since I’ve headed down to the golf course for a round of 18 holes, and I’ve been longing to hit the green again with my friends. I was searching for golf lessons to refresh my golf skills once again and I find that is an excellent website to search for various different courses to pick up!

Star Golf Academy

I managed to find Star Golf Academy’s golf lessons package via this website. Star Golf Academy is based at Tanjong Rhu (Marina Bay Golf Course), which is just 10 minutes from my house and is the perfect location for me! They have a beginner package, consisting of 10 lessons for as low as $380. Given my prior experience in organising golf lessons for NTU students, this is actually a very competitive rate for small group coaching! Beginner Rates

For golfers with some prior experience at the driving range, but wish to have the flexibility to be coached on the golf course itself, there is an intermediate package available too! This package also has a small group size, and is probably suited for those that want just a few sessions to perfect their swing. You can check out Star Golf Academy’s website here for more details. Intermediate Rates

Personally, I’d go for the hourly private coaching with a Local PRO. This one-to-one coaching with a professional seems to work very well with my friends, and they said it’s the fastest and most effective way to correct a swing. I’ll probably go sign up and give my reviews here afterwards Hourly Pro also has many other different kinds of courses listed, and there’s a handy searchbar to find what you need. I was looking for language courses and as expected, many options were available!

There is a very cool feature – you can “chat” with a support assistant to ask any questions when you are on the website! No need to send an email and wait a few days for a response. Save your time and get a reply instantly! I used this function myself and am very pleased with the response from their customer service.

Last but not least, there’s no additional charges when signing up for courses via this website, so no harm checking it out and you might just find something you like.