Starbucks Singapore Anna Sui Tote Bag, Mug, and Card

Starbucks Singapore is back to tempt us with another exciting collaboration. Last year it was Alice & Olivia, this year it’s Anna Sui!

Starbucks x Anna Sui limited edition collaboration sets will be released on 7th December 2015, at 7am onwards.

From the official website, it mentions there will be 3 different sets available! I guess that also means we will be spending a lot of money…

Set 1

The most exclusive set will only be released at 5 stores in Singapore, a total of 500 sets available islandwide.

  • Liat Towers
  • Capitol Tower
  • Raffles City
  • West Gate
  • United Square

Starbucks x Anna Sui Mug Tote Card Set

This $128 set comes with a tote bag, mug design A, and an Anna Sui card with $50 balance.

Set 2

The second set features mug design B, and an Anna Sui card with $20 balance. Set 2 is limited to 1000 sets, and will be available at all stores (except Changi T1) whilst stocks last.

Starbucks x Anna Sui Mug Card Set

Now you must be thinking Starbucks Singapore is such a genius to release two different mug designs in separate sets. Luckily this mug set costs $59.90 and is slightly more affordable.

Set 3

Now set 3 is not really a set, but instead you have an option of purchasing only the Anna Sui card with $30 balance. It comes with a sweet pouch.

Starbucks x Anna Sui Card Set

I do not know how many of these cards will be available in stores, but it is expected to sell out really quickly!!

If any of my overseas readers want to get your hands on any of these rare Starbucks x Anna Sui items, do leave a comment below and I will try my best to help!

Do visit my -> web-store <- if you’re interested in more limited edition releases of Singapore Starbucks Cards.


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