Starbucks Singapore 2015 Christmas Thank You Chalk Card

Starbucks Singapore quietly released one of the hardest cards (in my opinion) to collect this November. On 9th November 2015, Starbucks Singapore presented a Christmas challenge to all My Starbucks Rewards (MSR) account holders.

Starbucks Stocking Stuffers

We have to complete 5 tasks, in order to get a limited edition Starbucks Singapore 2015 Thank You Chalk Card. Here are the 5 tasks:-

  1. Purchase a Venti-Sized Christmas Drink
  2. Purchase a Christmas Food Item
  3. Purchase Coffee beans / VIA Coffee / Origami Coffee
  4. Purchase a limited edition Christmas Card Holder Set / Christmas Cup Card with Keychain Set
  5. Follow Starbucks Singapore Instagram account at

Starbucks Stockings

Only after we complete all these 5 tasks, we would be able to redeem one of this Thank You Chalk card at any of the 20 participating stores, whilst stocks last.

The additional catch is, we can only complete these tasks and get the limited edition card ONCE.

Starbucks Stocking Reward

Based on the unknown (very few) quantity of the card produced, the difficulty and money spent in completing all these 5 tasks, and in addition being strictly limited to ONE card per person… it basically sums up to be one of the rarest Singapore card released thus far.

Starbucks Singapore Thank You Chalk 2015

That’s the picture of the prize.

If you are interested in getting one of this for your personal collection (and you are not based in Singapore), please leave a message below to get in touch.

If you are based in Singapore, don’t be lazy and get this yourself :p

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Singapore 2015 Christmas Thank You Chalk Card

  1. Good day to you – I live in Australia – I have travelled to Singapore quite a few times – next March again – I always visit as many Starbucks stores as I can while on vacation – I am an avid collector of Starbucks cards from all over the world – this card release maybe harder for me to obtain?
    Hopefully you maybe able to make it easier
    Have a good day

    • Hi Richard,
      I believe we are friends already 🙂 not sure if you do remember me.
      I think I might need something from Australia. I will drop you a message on Facebook!
      Have a happy holiday season!

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