Singapore 2012 Duo Starbucks Cards

I’m always envious of fellow collectors who live in Japan/Korea/Taiwan where they have new cards being released monthly, and have a variety of spares available to trade for foreign cards.

Some of them are rare and limited edition, which makes collecting them personally much more exciting. (As compared to having to trade/buy them second-hand, as it can be very tough to reach a mutual agreement for the rarer cards.)

Then I thought how some overseas collectors might need Singapore cards as well, and I’m the lucky one in their shoes.

Hence, here I’ll list down some of the spare Singapore cards I have at the moment that are for trade / sale to aid in my quest for other overseas cards.

*All my cards are unregistered, with PIN intact.

The Quintessential Singapore Duo

This pair was released in 2012, and have been representative of Singapore Cards since then.

singapore1_600 singapore2_600

Quantity Available: 5 sets

Please place your order or contact me for trades via

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Singapore 2012 Duo Starbucks Cards

  1. I’d like to get a set from you, pls contact me ASAP at [email protected] what are your prices for a set and shipping as I’m in the USA? Rick

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