Korea 2014: Hongdae, Trick-eye Museum, Jimbilbang

Concluding the last of my Korea trip posts with Hongdae!!

I’m sure many Singaporeans have heard about Hongdae; known for its fashion, clubbing, and the arts. I come here for a totally different reason. The cat & dog cafes!

The Bau Haus Dog Cafe is located at

Jeil Bldg. 1F, 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

It is just a stone’s throw away from the Hapjeong station Exit 3 or 4, and it’s on the ground floor so you don’t have to look too hard for it. We love this place because the dogs are full of enthusiasm and love! We bought a packet of snacks and immediately those big doggies come surrounding us and salivating all over our clothes and belongings.

Salivating Dogs

**Do take note to avoid buying treats if you do not like dog saliva all over you. There are plenty of dogs but the star of the cafe would definitely be the Alaskan Malamute.

IT IS HUGE. The big guy there had to manhandle the dog to control it.

Alaskan Malamute

Thankfully it’s also quite lazy and doesn’t pounce on people.

My favorite dog is a Corgi, and there were 2 that day! I’m not sure if they are resident dogs because they are in a separate area from the bigger dogs. I was playing with this cute boy and I rolled him around onto his back. His short legs rendered him helpless.

Cute Corgi


Pardon my string of animal posts, but I’m going to recommend a cat cafe next!

Cafe Giocat (지오캣) is located near Hongik University station on the 3rd floor of

2-6, Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

It recently changed its name to Ycat cafe if I’m not wrong, but the cats inside are still very cute and fluffy!

My favorite is the munchkin. When you carry it onto high ground, it looks so helpless with its short legs.

Helpless Munchkin


My advice is to use the simplest of playthings to get the cat’s attention. This stick for example, captivated all the cats to play with me.

Cat Stick

For those of you who are bored of seeing pictures of animals by now, there’s another thing that’s famous in Hongdae – Trick Eye Museum!


I know there’s one that opened at Resorts World Sentosa recently, but it’s much smaller as compared to the original in Seoul!

The one we went to is also near Hongik University station, and the entrance looks like this.

Trick Eye Museum Entrance

Our ticket price also includes entry into the Ice Museum, which we DID NOT anticipate going into and were severely under-dressed. We lasted a total of 5 minutes inside the sub-zero freezer of a room before we came running out.

Ice Museum

I guess there will always be complaints about too many people taking their time to pose for photos at strategic angles, but we realized it’s mostly crowded because of a tour group. Once their tour-guide chased them all away because they needed to “move on to the next location”, we had the entire museum to ourselves and could revisit the older exhibits to camwhore.

Sexy Bitch

Floating Man

While we were in the vicinity of Hongdae, we wanted to try some authentic Korean Fried Chicken and Beer. We know it’s a staple before clubbing so there has to be some restaurants serving them nearby, so we ventured around and saw this!

Korean Fried Chicken

This has got to be the real deal because nobody there seems to speak english and the students drinking are mainly drunk. Bingo! We had much difficulty trying to order fried chicken, although I pointed to our neighboring table to ask what they were eating (it looked like popcorn chicken covered in sauce) but the waitress insisted it wasn’t chicken. We ended up with a full fried chicken in front of us and beer + soju. It was heaven.

Fried Chicken & Beer

It’s about the discovering of places like these that makes food taste better.

Lastly, the place to relax and unwind after all the shopping and eating in Seoul.

Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa (드래곤힐스파 (용산))


This jimjilbang is probably the first one you hear about, and plenty of foreigners come here. It is relatively huge spanning a few floors, and there is a gigantic resting area on the ground floor to meet up and eat tea eggs or drink lemonade.

Dragon Hill Jimjilbang

The guys and girls have to go to separate floors for the spa. Once inside, you have to be fully naked and walk around nude with all the other guys like it’s the most natural thing in the world. I tried the scrubbing massage for the first time in my life, and I forgot to see how much dead skin came out after 25 years. My masseur was probably disgusted, because he immediately went to take a shower afterwards…

Michelle tried to win the An Pan Man, as was made famous by The Return of Superman child-star Sarang. Let’s just say this machine ate up a lot of our money too…

An Pan Man

Anyways, I hereby conclude the end of my Korea Trip 2014 posts! It was a tiring but fun trip, and I wish to explore other parts of Korea next time I go back. As always, feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I’ll try my best to answer.

Seoul Thank You

Thank you!


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Porcuprints & Co.

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Through observation of mine and other’s Facebook accounts, we can see the Great Wall of “Happy Birthday” posts once a year from friends that we hardly keep in touch with. The intentions are good, but these flood of posts are no different from another. Truth is, most of them probably know of your birthday through a timely notification.

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Korea 2014: Bukchon Hanok Village, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namsan Tower

Possibly the most “cultural” part of our holiday, we visited the traditional houses at Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을). It’s quite a far walk away from the nearest Anguk Station, but luckily they have a tourist information stand with detailed maps available to guide us to the famous sites.

Bukchon Hanok Village

There are actually residents still staying in these houses, and I think it’s very disruptive to their life when hordes of tourists descent upon their door steps to take photos and snoop around.

Wall Patterns

But since we’re there already, we kept our volumes down and happily snap away. I like the wall patterns outside their houses.

Another famous tourist attraction just nearby is Cheonggyecheon (청계천) stream. We began right at the start of the stream and strolled along, dodging busy office workers and trying not to fall into the water. There were a lot of people having their lunch beside the stream, picnic-style, which I thought was pretty cool.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

They have rocks placed in the stream for you to cross over from one side to another. Inspired by Gen & MS’ wedding shoot, we took quite some effort to capture the photos here, and obstructing a lot of people genuinely trying to get to the other side.

Rocks at Cheonggyecheon

The stream is more than 8km long, and obviously we didn’t walk the entire stretch.

Our last scenic destination of the trip is at Namsan Mountain. N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower, is the highest point in Seoul at 479m above sea-level.

Namsan Tower

We took a cable car ride up the mountain from Myeongdong Station, and the walk up to the cable car station itself was a KILLER. It was pure 15 minutes of upslope climbing, and we were sweating by the time we reached the base cable car station.

Once there, we were more interested in leaving our lock behind at the foot of the tower, than going up to the observatory itself.

Namsan Lock

Don’t worry if you’re not prepared and came without a lock. A store at the bottom of the Namsan Tower sells them together with marker pens. Also over here, we saw more “creative” confessions written on handphone cases. A bigger surface area, and who’s to say that’s not permanent huh.

Wall of locks

There were already thousands of locks secured on the railings, and we’re left with the option of putting our lock on other couple’s locks.

It is all sweet and lovey dovey. Therefore if you’re single or traveling in a single-sex group, my advice is to avoid this area for your own sake.

We found love in a crowded place

As you can tell by now, our trip was really just eating and shopping. Not much I can post about regarding the cultural highlights of the trip.

I do want to emphasis on the next (and last) post, which will probably be one of the most interesting one for me!


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Malacca Trip: 12th July 2014

Sacrificing sleep and a much needed rest after my ICT, we drove off early Saturday morning on our road-trip to Malacca. We set off at 5.30am, and the traffic was smooth the whole way with no hiccups at both immigration checkpoints.

Truthfully, we reached Malacca so early (before 9a.m.) that most of the shops weren’t open. We did do a bit of research, so we headed off to have our Dimsum breakfast at Jalan Tukang Emas.

The place is called Low Yong Moh Restaurant, and a prominent landmark will be the mosque that’s directly opposite it.

Low Yong Mou Restaurant

It’s quite crowded when we went, probably because they only open for the mornings, and do take note they are closed on Tuesdays.

We found the 肉包 (Meat-bun) and 叉烧包 (Char Siew Pork-bun) to be above average and juicy, and their 排骨 (Pork Ribs) are good, but the other Dimsum items that they serve didn’t really impress.

I believe the most popular dish that comes to mind when people speak of Malacca will be the Chicken Rice Balls. The authentic original stall is Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, which you can easily recognize by the queue of hungry people in the hot sun.

Chicken Rice Balls

This was at 9.30a.m. in the morning. We were still full from breakfast so we decided to give this a skip. They are known for having the rice shaped into balls, instead of serving it in a bowl. I remembered their chicken to be tough/dry, and the chicken rice balls were only special for the shape it came in, so that’s also partially why we decided to save our stomach space for other delicious Malacca food.

We had our fix of the Durian & Nonya Chendol at 60 East & West Rendezvous.

East & West Rendezvous

The durian puree that was topped onto our Chendol was so good! We were so full by 10.30a.m. already, but we persevered on.

Durian Chendol

Irresistible for the summer-time heat.

We were strolling along Jonker Street to explore around and digest our food. However, we caught a waft of some Laksa fragrance emanating from somewhere along the road. There were no alternatives but to follow our nose and we arrived at Jonker 88 for more food. It’s just next to the Statue of Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong, Malaysia’s most famous bodybuilder. They have Assam Laksa, and Nonya Laksa here. It’s absurd to make a choice, so we ordered both to try.

Assam Laksa

This is the sour Assam version.

Nonya Laksa

As compared to the more familiar Nonya Laksa.

Both are good! We wished we could order another bowl of their Baba Chendol, but alas, our stomachs were exploding before it was even noon.

As our sole purpose there was to eat, we made it a point to try the Mille Crepe at Nadeje, located on the outside of Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall.

Mille Crepe

My verdict: I got sick of the cream very quickly, and maybe it’s the hot weather or the countless other things we ate, but I very much prefer the green tea mille crepe at Lady M.

We went to jalan jalan down the scenic Malacca River that’s just a stone’s throw away from Jonker Street, and it reminds us a bit of the Singapore River.

Malacca River

There were classy restaurants by the river, but I guess their peak hours are at night. The whole place was relatively empty and quiet.

Fast-forward some bowling to burn time at Mahkota Parade, we ended up at Aunty Fatso (Restoran Madam Fatso) for dinner! Their address is Jalan Melaka Raya 30.

Aunty Fatso

There is no menu, and Madam Fatso (yes she is real and she’s there) will sit down with you at the table and take your orders. I guess most are regulars and there’s simply no need for a menu. The Cheese Prawn Bee Hoon (RM50) is Slamet’s recommendation and it’s definitely a must-eat!

Cheese Prawn Bee Hoon


The emotions you get when eating this will be from shiok –> sinfully guilty –> couldn’t care less because it’s so damn good.

This was wiped clean, together with the Kung Bao Frog Leg that we ordered. Do go early on weekends if you want to avoid the dinner crowd. This place gets packed by 7.30pm and the food takes a long time to come.

After dinner, we bid selamat tinggal to Malacca and drove back to Singapore.

It was a a great food-cum-road trip, and I think there will be plans in future for more weekend-trips to explore Malaysia~





Korea 2014: Gangnam, Everland, Caribbean Bay

I’ve decided to blog about Gangnam together with Everland and Caribbean Bay because every time we go to and fro, we will drop by Gangnam Station to transfer onto the bus that brings us to Everland. There’s actually a lot to shop and see in this area that brought us Psy – Gangnam Style.

Firstly, when you come out of Exit 10 of Gangnam Station, you might be able to spot a cat mascot tirelessly giving out flyers for a cat cafe just a minute walk away. He might look lively and energetic, but we all know he is dying of heat inside the costume.

Cat Mascot

The most dramatic entrance ever by a cat. This friendly place is called Godabang (고양이 다락방)


They train their cats really well (yes you could do that). There is a ginger fatty cat that likes having water sprayed at its face, and it’ll follow the owner around the cafe and stand on its hind legs just to get a spray.

Godabang Ginger Cat

Be warned, there is also a rare breed of cat there that irks just about everyone.

Godabang Sphynx Cat

The Egyptian Sphynx cat is not the prettiest of cats, and it is completely furless. After everyone got over the ugliness, we all tried to give it a touch to see how this abominable creature feels like. The closest thing I can relate to is the frozen de-feathered chicken that you can find at NTUC. I think they feel similar to touch.

There’s no entrance fee here, but you need to order a drink and then feel free to stay around and play with the cats. It does get crowded mainly because it’s a very busy area, and the mascot works his magic to draw in customers.

Walking straight down the road from Exit 10, we will pass by many beauty shops. Do not be distracted. When you finally see the WHO.A.U. store, the bus stop to Everland is just in front of it.

Gangnam WHO.A.U.

It’s quite a long journey so try and get seats on the bus if possible. There is 1 transfer to be made at the Public Bus Terminal, where it’s the last stop and basically everyone would get off to take the Everland Shuttle Bus.

Shuttle Bus

Take note this is the correct shuttle bus number to take from Everland, if not you’ll end up at some other place…

I’ve been to Everland before, but this time it was so much more pleasant because there wasn’t much crowd. It’s partially a bad thing but I’ll come to that later. The queues were non-existent at all the rides, so essentially we finished most of the park by lunch time. I really wanted to try T-Express, the second steepest wooden roller coaster in the world, but I wasn’t fated because it was closed (along with a few other more exciting rides).

Couple Everland

We did however take a lot of couple photos there because there is a whole section of the park meant for photo opportunities.

Everland Photo Heart

We never fail to be amazed, and also take a lot of photos, on the Amazon Express ride at Everland.

Everland Bear

The bears here are trained to stand on their hind legs and perform tricks, and the driver will give them treats for doing so. They are almost as tall as the bus and it’s pretty amazing that they can be taught how to do things like spinning around, clapping, and obeying various commands.

Everland Giraffe

Over here, the giraffes are also allowed to stick their head into the bus for food. It’s definitely not everyday that we can have such a close-up encounter with them.

Just next to Everland is Caribbean Bay~ The water theme park equivalent that I’ve never been to before. Here is the sucky part – We thought we struck jackpot when the park was SUPER empty, but then we found out that 90% of the attractions in the park will only re-open a few days later. We were so pissed because we separated these 2 theme parks on 2 different days to fully enjoy ourselves. The reason for the closure was because mid-May is not “summer” enough yet for the outdoor attractions to open, and it was written on their website in Korean. Therefore, do try and check on their main website before going.


Bummer, and we even paid full price tickets for entry.

We decided to give up and head back to Gangnam area for some shopping instead. Our anger was quenched with some Affogato from Starbucks! It was damn good and I wish Starbucks Singapore brings this item onto their menu.

Starbucks Affogato

Gangnam area is also famous for its night-time activities. There were numerous “Soju, Hof, Beer” signboards all around. It was with deep regret that we chose to eat Korean fried chicken for dinner at a restaurant that didn’t serve Watermelon Soju, and when we finally found those that do, they are all fully booked!

I think the concept of having a private booth to have dinner and drinks with friends is awesome. Singapore probably has some of these, but I think they require emptying my wallet to afford a fun night in one of those establishments. (Thus, my craving for the Watermelon Soju still hasn’t been satisfied even up till now…)

When in Gangnam, clubbing is almost another “must-do” activity. We took some pains to decide on a kick-ass club, and we narrowed down to Club Octagon because of the supposed bikini-clad models dancing in 2 swimming pools inside the club.


Alas, reality is different. There were no models nor swimming pools that night, but everything else was top-notch! The music was darn good EDM, and space was big and I think they limit the number of patrons, so the dance floor was 100 times more comfortable than Zouk, and the people were mostly good-looking. Only down-side was that we couldn’t throw a couple of grands for bottle service.

That about sums up what I could remember from the Gangnam area. I hope to finish up the remaining 2 posts soon!


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Korea 2014: Hongdae, Trick-eye Museum, Jimbilbang

Korea 2014: Myeongdong, Edae, Sinchon

I’m back from my Korea trip in May, and will be blogging about it in 4 different posts! This is mainly because I am really slow with updating my blog nowadays, and 1 long post is going to be really dreary for all my readers.

This post will be about the Myeongdong, Edae, and Sinchon area, where every girl will squeal with joy upon hearing these shopping havens.

Myeong Dong Loft

Upon touchdown, we headed to our loft (near Euljiro-4-ga Station) that we booked on airbnb.com for 7 nights, at about S$103 per night. You can see our detailed review from the link below.


We dropped our stuff and went to Myeongdong (Euljiro-1-ga Station) to refresh our memories from 2 years ago. It feels slightly like Taiwan’s Xi Men Ding, but with a lot more cosmetic shops. I’m not exaggerating when I say there are at least 4 different cosmetic brands per street. Michelle did her first round of innisfree, etudehouse, faceshop, laneige shopping within the first few hours of reaching Seoul. Frankly, we can’t help but bought all we had set out to buy on the very first day we arrived. The only thing I got was some clothes from WHO.A.U., their style of clothes similar to A&F and Hollister.


Innisfree products

Myeongdong also has lots of street stalls lined up at night, selling all kinds of street snacks,10,000won bags and clothes etc. On 1 night, our dinner was pretty much settled just by walking down the street and buying all the street food we see (and smell).

Street Food Sausage

Street Food - Tempura

I’ll recommend Myeongdong for the “last minute quickie shopping” as they have everything there catered for tourists. The shop assistants don’t even bother speaking in Korean, they’ll rattle off in Mandarin upon spotting us so there was no communication barrier at all.

If you had tried Yoogane that recently opened at Bugis Junction and wanted to try the authentic version in Seoul, Myeongdong also has a couple of outlets! We walked past one and the large crowd there (even at 10p.m. on a weekday) made us do a double take and went in for a Chicken Dakgalbi with Fried Rice and melted Mozarella cheese. The thing is that we can’t both share ONE Chicken Dakgalbi, because they refuse to do that and we must order 2 portions. That’s also the reason why I was perpetually full throughout the trip. So many things to eat, and in such huge portions!

Yoogane Menu

Chicken Dakgalbi

The staff will actually help you do all the cooking, and you just need to sit back and pose for picture. It’s also the same for Singapore where the staff are trained to cook for you.

When you get bored of shopping at Myeongdong, you can head over to the Edae area for some cafe hopping or sightseeing. I met up with Eugene and we dropped by Ewha Womans University and the campus was beautiful. We also concluded that they have nice legs probably because they have to climb up so many stairs and slopes all the time. 

Ewha Women University

Nearby, there is a hair salon called Cecica that Michelle went to do her Magic Volume Perm that lasted close to 5 hours and she claimed they washed and treated her hair close to 10 times. It’s apparently pretty popular amongst Singaporeans because our distinct accent was overheard several times.

Cecica Hair Salon

Alien versus predator spotted at hair salon.

Alien at hair salon

In case you’re interested, here’s the directions to get there. Exit from Ewha Women’s University Station Exit 2, and walk up the slope heading towards the University for about 5 – 10 minutes. You will pass by a large aPM shopping mall on your left (that has since shut its doors) and see an Olleh handphone shop at the little junction. Turn left, and walk down the slope. You should be able to see Cecica on your right after about 3 minutes.

Eugene and I strolled over to Sinchon along the main road, and we passed by a baseball batting cage on the way! It’s pretty inconspicuous; the first floor is a parking garage, and the batting cage is on the second floor semi-hidden. There were 4 cages with speeds ranging from 90km/h to 120km/h. 1000won for 15 balls, we played 3 games each and it is not easy! I adopted my golf stance by default and I think I only managed to whack about 20% of the balls.

Baseball Batting Eugene

Eugene looking like a pro.

Baseball Batting Cage

If you’re tired out by now, you can continue walking past Sinchon Station [take exit 3 from Sinchon Station and walk straight up the hill until you see a diagonal turn right. Follow that natural right bend and continue walking and walking. It’ll be on your right. Or you can insert this onto your google maps: 4-77 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea] to a dessert place called Homilbat (호밀밭) that’s famous even amongst Koreans. I tried the Milk Bingsu (Milk Shaved Ice with Red Bean served at the side), and it was really smooth and melts in your mouth. Perfect for summer!

Homilbat Patbingsu

I almost forgot, but our first meal when we reached was an uber slurpy chewy Naengmyeon at Myeongdong.


It was one of the most refreshing cold noodles I had over there, and I’m going to attempt giving lousy instructions on how to get there. Facing the “entrance” of Myeongdong from Euljiro-1-ga Station exit (the one directly opposite Lotte Mall, and where a lot of coach buses drop China tourists off), you will see a Starbucks at the edge of a Flatiron-shaped building on your right. Walk at the diagonal street behind the Starbucks and it’s a narrow row that has some shops selling food. It’s the one that looks like this from the outside.

Entrance of Naengmyeon

I believe these 3 areas are enough to shop and eat till you drop. As everyone’s preference for shopping is different, I won’t be doing any recommendations for a particular shop. However, if your interest also lies in Starbucks cards, there are more than 10 stores in Myeongdong alone =D

Look forward to my next post on Gangnam/Everland/Carribean Bay~


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Starbucks Card: Singapore River scene

I am an avid collector of Starbucks Cards from all over the world, and I thought it would be nice to blog about the Singapore River Starbucks Card.
It’s the first Starbucks card to be released in Singapore during October 2010, and needless to say, it is very rare and hard to find one now that is still in mint condition.



It features the Singapore River scene, and the back of the card would mention that you can only use it in Singapore (not anywhere else).

Some useful information to note is that ALL Starbucks cards in Singapore have to be loaded with minimum SGD$10 in order to receive the card. One may then spend the balance on drinks/merchandise. This makes Singapore Starbucks cards slightly more costly to obtain as compared to some other common cards from North America, where they might be free to take off the shelf depending on the barista.

An important point to note – most collectors put emphasis on the PIN code at the back of the card being unscratched. This means that if a card is to be collected and you wish to retain its “collectible value”, it should not be registered online.

I hope this basic 101 post will enlighten many Singapore Starbucks lovers as well as overseas readers. I will probably continue on with this series of Starbucks card blog posts when time allows.


Luna Spa @ Amara Sanctuary Sentosa

I had the privilege of having my virgin facial spa experience at Luna Spa, Amara Sanctuary Sentosa.


Luna Spa is a hidden gem, tucked away in a tranquil part of Sentosa within the Amara Sanctuary. Don’t worry about making your way there, because there’s a free shuttle bus service from Habourfront Station Exit D.

You can check out the free shuttle bus timings here.

We went for the Facial Treatment Package that includes a welcome tea, steam bath, facial treatment, followed by dessert. The whole process is about 2 hours, and my face felt really pampered after that.

I could feel the staff putting on numerous layers of cream/products on my face, and wiping it off, and putting more stuff on again. She also helped me get rid of the blackheads and remove some of my pimple pus. That’s a bit gross, but my complexion really improved afterwards and I guess that’s what matters!

Here are some pictures (that we amateurs took) to do the talking.


This is the main hallway, and the private rooms are on the right.

Waiting Area

Waiting area with the festive Chinese New Year cushions. There is another cosy room where we had our welcome tea and dessert, but oops we didn’t take a photo of that!

If price is a concern, do check out the Groupon deals available. I know for sure that deal.com.sg and alldealsasia.com have promotions that are below $100 for the 120min session.

Luna Spa

I enjoyed my experience there, and if you’re going with your loved ones or thinking of pampering yourself, I hope you would love it too!

CNY 2014

I have been a boring blogger for the past few months, and it’s partially because my work schedule doesn’t permit for regular updates anymore.

1) Work takes up about 80% of my time

2) I can’t post anything about work.

The remaining 20% are spent with loved ones and friends, which is also why I’m going to blog about my CNY spent with my family!

CNY 2014

Thanks to my Uncle Henry for always taking photographs (and putting them into collages instantly), hence he is also not inside this photo oops. Also my Aunt SK for hosting us every year during CNY.

I like this photo the most because they look so candid and joyous. I’m thinking they were shouting “HUAT AH!” or something along those lines.

Here’s wishing all my readers an prosperous year ahead~


Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas is something I always look forward to every year, but I must admit I was so swamped up with work this year that I definitely didn’t feel the festive mood until I reached my cousin’s place.

It’s been my extended families’ tradition to hold a party/gathering on Christmas Eve, where we would dine, chat, sing christmas carols, congregate around the Christmas tree and give out presents near midnight!

This year was even more special because Santa Claus did a cameo.

Christmas 2013

A family picture, that’s another first!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family, friends, and loved ones!