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With the proliferation of the internet era, many of us have not put pen to paper when keeping touch with our friends and loved ones. It is so much easier to type an SMS or email to send your well wishes, and most of all it’s instant and free! This ease of communication is convenient, but often loses its sincerity in the delivery.

Through observation of mine and other’s Facebook accounts, we can see the Great Wall of “Happy Birthday” posts once a year from friends that we hardly keep in touch with. The intentions are good, but these flood of posts are no different from another. Truth is, most of them probably know of your birthday through a timely notification.

Here’s the solution.

Birthday Greeting Card

Porcuprints & Co. specializes in making water-colour themed greeting cards, postcards, and invitations for all occasions. These will be painted by our artist and reproduced on high quality art paper. Some of our specialities are

Greeting cards: Birthday, Christmas, and New Year etc.

Postcards: Postcards are great for any rhyme or reason. Part of the snail mail revolution? Take it one step higher by sending personalized postcards to your pen-pals.

Invitations: Party invitations or wedding invitations, we got them covered too.

All these can be customized to your liking if you order in bulk. Feel free to contact us via the links below for any query you might have.

If you are not looking for large orders, we do have pre-designed cards for sale. These will be cheaper and can be found on our Facebook or Instagram sites.


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Reconnect with your friends. Go ahead and impress them.