Korea 2014: Gangnam, Everland, Caribbean Bay

I’ve decided to blog about Gangnam together with Everland and Caribbean Bay because every time we go to and fro, we will drop by Gangnam Station to transfer onto the bus that brings us to Everland. There’s actually a lot to shop and see in this area that brought us Psy – Gangnam Style.

Firstly, when you come out of Exit 10 of Gangnam Station, you might be able to spot a cat mascot tirelessly giving out flyers for a cat cafe just a minute walk away. He might look lively and energetic, but we all know he is dying of heat inside the costume.

Cat Mascot

The most dramatic entrance ever by a cat. This friendly place is called Godabang (고양이 다락방)


They train their cats really well (yes you could do that). There is a ginger fatty cat that likes having water sprayed at its face, and it’ll follow the owner around the cafe and stand on its hind legs just to get a spray.

Godabang Ginger Cat

Be warned, there is also a rare breed of cat there that irks just about everyone.

Godabang Sphynx Cat

The Egyptian Sphynx cat is not the prettiest of cats, and it is completely furless. After everyone got over the ugliness, we all tried to give it a touch to see how this abominable creature feels like. The closest thing I can relate to is the frozen de-feathered chicken that you can find at NTUC. I think they feel similar to touch.

There’s no entrance fee here, but you need to order a drink and then feel free to stay around and play with the cats. It does get crowded mainly because it’s a very busy area, and the mascot works his magic to draw in customers.

Walking straight down the road from Exit 10, we will pass by many beauty shops. Do not be distracted. When you finally see the WHO.A.U. store, the bus stop to Everland is just in front of it.

Gangnam WHO.A.U.

It’s quite a long journey so try and get seats on the bus if possible. There is 1 transfer to be made at the Public Bus Terminal, where it’s the last stop and basically everyone would get off to take the Everland Shuttle Bus.

Shuttle Bus

Take note this is the correct shuttle bus number to take from Everland, if not you’ll end up at some other place…

I’ve been to Everland before, but this time it was so much more pleasant because there wasn’t much crowd. It’s partially a bad thing but I’ll come to that later. The queues were non-existent at all the rides, so essentially we finished most of the park by lunch time. I really wanted to try T-Express, the second steepest wooden roller coaster in the world, but I wasn’t fated because it was closed (along with a few other more exciting rides).

Couple Everland

We did however take a lot of couple photos there because there is a whole section of the park meant for photo opportunities.

Everland Photo Heart

We never fail to be amazed, and also take a lot of photos, on the Amazon Express ride at Everland.

Everland Bear

The bears here are trained to stand on their hind legs and perform tricks, and the driver will give them treats for doing so. They are almost as tall as the bus and it’s pretty amazing that they can be taught how to do things like spinning around, clapping, and obeying various commands.

Everland Giraffe

Over here, the giraffes are also allowed to stick their head into the bus for food. It’s definitely not everyday that we can have such a close-up encounter with them.

Just next to Everland is Caribbean Bay~ The water theme park equivalent that I’ve never been to before. Here is the sucky part – We thought we struck jackpot when the park was SUPER empty, but then we found out that 90% of the attractions in the park will only re-open a few days later. We were so pissed because we separated these 2 theme parks on 2 different days to fully enjoy ourselves. The reason for the closure was because mid-May is not “summer” enough yet for the outdoor attractions to open, and it was written on their website in Korean. Therefore, do try and check on their main website before going.


Bummer, and we even paid full price tickets for entry.

We decided to give up and head back to Gangnam area for some shopping instead. Our anger was quenched with some Affogato from Starbucks! It was damn good and I wish Starbucks Singapore brings this item onto their menu.

Starbucks Affogato

Gangnam area is also famous for its night-time activities. There were numerous “Soju, Hof, Beer” signboards all around. It was with deep regret that we chose to eat Korean fried chicken for dinner at a restaurant that didn’t serve Watermelon Soju, and when we finally found those that do, they are all fully booked!

I think the concept of having a private booth to have dinner and drinks with friends is awesome. Singapore probably has some of these, but I think they require emptying my wallet to afford a fun night in one of those establishments. (Thus, my craving for the Watermelon Soju still hasn’t been satisfied even up till now…)

When in Gangnam, clubbing is almost another “must-do” activity. We took some pains to decide on a kick-ass club, and we narrowed down to Club Octagon because of the supposed bikini-clad models dancing in 2 swimming pools inside the club.


Alas, reality is different. There were no models nor swimming pools that night, but everything else was top-notch! The music was darn good EDM, and space was big and I think they limit the number of patrons, so the dance floor was 100 times more comfortable than Zouk, and the people were mostly good-looking. Only down-side was that we couldn’t throw a couple of grands for bottle service.

That about sums up what I could remember from the Gangnam area. I hope to finish up the remaining 2 posts soon!


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