Starbucks Card: Singapore River scene

I am an avid collector of Starbucks Cards from all over the world, and I thought it would be nice to blog about the Singapore River Starbucks Card.
It’s the first Starbucks card to be released in Singapore during October 2010, and needless to say, it is very rare and hard to find one now that is still in mint condition.



It features the Singapore River scene, and the back of the card would mention that you can only use it in Singapore (not anywhere else).

Some useful information to note is that ALL Starbucks cards in Singapore have to be loaded with minimum SGD$10 in order to receive the card. One may then spend the balance on drinks/merchandise. This makes Singapore Starbucks cards slightly more costly to obtain as compared to some other common cards from North America, where they might be free to take off the shelf depending on the barista.

An important point to note – most collectors put emphasis on the PIN code at the back of the card being unscratched. This means that if a card is to be collected and you wish to retain its “collectible value”, it should not be registered online.

I hope this basic 101 post will enlighten many Singapore Starbucks lovers as well as overseas readers. I will probably continue on with this series of Starbucks card blog posts when time allows.



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