Luna Spa @ Amara Sanctuary Sentosa

I had the privilege of having my virgin facial spa experience at Luna Spa, Amara Sanctuary Sentosa.


Luna Spa is a hidden gem, tucked away in a tranquil part of Sentosa within the Amara Sanctuary. Don’t worry about making your way there, because there’s a free shuttle bus service from Habourfront Station Exit D.

You can check out the free shuttle bus timings here.

We went for the Facial Treatment Package that includes a welcome tea, steam bath, facial treatment, followed by dessert. The whole process is about 2 hours, and my face felt really pampered after that.

I could feel the staff putting on numerous layers of cream/products on my face, and wiping it off, and putting more stuff on again. She also helped me get rid of the blackheads and remove some of my pimple pus. That’s a bit gross, but my complexion really improved afterwards and I guess that’s what matters!

Here are some pictures (that we amateurs took) to do the talking.


This is the main hallway, and the private rooms are on the right.

Waiting Area

Waiting area with the festive Chinese New Year cushions. There is another cosy room where we had our welcome tea and dessert, but oops we didn’t take a photo of that!

If price is a concern, do check out the Groupon deals available. I know for sure that and have promotions that are below $100 for the 120min session.

Luna Spa

I enjoyed my experience there, and if you’re going with your loved ones or thinking of pampering yourself, I hope you would love it too!


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