Vietnam Trip 27th – 29th September 2013

I never thought I would blog about this trip, mainly because it was a really short one whereby I effectively only spent a day and a half in Ho Chi Minh.

The hotel we stayed at was brand new! Pullman Saigon started operating just a few days before we arrived.

Pullman Saigon Reviews

I don’t know about the price since it was included in the package, but it seems to be one of the nicer hotels around.

Pullman Saigon Poolside

That was taken at their swimming pool on the 8th floor. It looked perfect for a dip, but alas nobody was wise enough to bring their swimming stuff.

Poolside View

Plenty of colorful buildings in the city. Just opposite our hotel is an awesome massage parlor where all of us got our hot stone massage. It was my first time trying it out (other than the usual cheap Thai or Balinese massage) and it’s super relaxing. It would have been better if my friend didn’t start snoring halfway through. It was that good.

One thing to note is that it is enveloped by two other hair salons. And as I figured out during the trip, hair salons in Vietnam are known for their additional services…

Our first night was epic. We arrived late in the evening, ate a crappy dinner buffet at the hotel and quickly got whisked off to a nightclub for our initiation. We had to play some Bingo game and complete it with stickers given by our seniors/managers.

The catch here is that we have to drink a lot in order to get those stickers and needless to say, many of us went down fast. Certainly a night to remember (or try to vaguely recall) for most of us.

Unit People

This is a picture of everyone before the Amazing Race. It was really ironic because the race was anything but amazing. We had to walk about 10km that day navigating around the city, completing missions. It was really quite bad, even though I could see the organizers (they were outsourced) trying hard to incorporate elements of Vietnamese culture into the tasks.

Dinner that night was a buffet at another fancy restaurant. It was the newly promoted manager’s treat, and we had a spread of Vietnamese food.

Friends at the Dining Table

Some of my new friends. Yes, I made friends. #AchievementUnlocked

I bought some superb Kopi Luwak (Weasel Coffee) from the Ben Thanh Night Market, and also witnessed the devouring of a semi-developed chick.

Semi-Developed Chick

According to my brave friends, it tastes similar to hard-boiled egg. They didn’t eat the actual chick though, only the remainder of the egg white.

That’s about all that happened during the trip. Hopefully next year would be at a more fun location!

Last but not least, photo credits go to Trevor Wong.