Surabaya Trip 19th – 22nd July 2013

How can I possibly not blog about my overseas trip with my OSOS squad-mates, although it is about 2months late.

The 9 of us had a blast visiting Abang’s hometown, where we white water rafted, climbed Mt. Bromo, visited his house, drank a lot, and also ate a lot.

First of all, it was quite a culture shock for me because honestly, I’ve never been to a place like Surabaya before. A big part of our time was spent traveling on bumpy roads, and we can see how the city slowly transited to villages and kampongs. Worse still, ALL kinds of vehicles use that one and only road between cities, including trucks and lorries.


This was the famed mudflow area (that’s totally a tourist trap) where we paid like $2 each to see mud flowing out of a hole.

However, hidden deep inside the rural areas lie a wonder of nature! Mt. Bromo was spectacular and I even considered mountain-climbing to be fun for a moment. We stayed at a hotel nearby, and had to get up at 4am to catch the sunrise. It was called Bromo Permai 1, and you saw that right. It’s a ONE star hotel – basic facilities only.

Beautiful view of Mt. Bromo

Mt. Bromo

The jeep also brought us down to the foot of the active volcano, where it felt like we’re in a desert/sci-fi movie (with all the horses riding around). We climbed up some stairs and voila we were at the caldera already.

Beautiful Photo


Perfect opportunity to take a million pictures.


Buddha Jump

One poignant thing to note, never ever wear shorts to climb a mountain and catch the sunrise. It was almost zero degrees Celcius when we left our hotel and I froze my butt off. Luckily it started to get really hot around 9am and we all started de-layering.

Shorts Brothers

This was minion-bin looking fantastic & fashionable.

Minion Bin

The other highlight after this was a river rafting experience like no other. We had to trek on foot for about half an hour before we reached the starting point, and we were the only two rafts playing. The scenery was amazing but we couldn’t capture it because nobody had a waterproof camera. Anyway, it was also better that we enjoyed and lived in the moment rather than busily snapping everything away.

White Water Rafting

This was one of the few pictures we took, all of us extremely happy.

After this, we headed to Abang’s vacation home at the outskirts of Surabaya. I remembered eating some famous special sauce crab that night, where OSOS being OSOS, took more than 5 minutes to shamelessly/strategically seat ourselves at the table so that we all can get a fair portion of crab pincers and meat.

Crab Dinner

We didn’t really take a lot of photos of food in Surabaya so it’s a pity I can’t make you salivate late at night whilst reading this.

Drinking session that night was way out of proportions (in the sick kind of way) because JX was there and his idea of fun was very warped. No details here, but suffice to say we had no lack of laughter as usual.

Sneak peak of our Magic Van that took us through all terrains.

Mini Bus

Our final day was spent shopping/eating and visiting Abang’s parents at his home in Surabaya. His parents were really hospitable during this whole trip and even arranged for souvenirs and snacks to be bought and packed nicely for us to take home.

Group Shot

I think that the OSOS second overseas trip was a superb one, and although we might need to wait another decade for the third overseas trip to materialize, these fond memories we had will rekindle and be reminisced about for many years to come.