Taiwan Trip: Taichung (台中) Leg 28th – 30th June 2013

My Taichung trip was a short one, with the highlight being the tour of Sun Moon Lake and visiting Feng Jia Night Market.

We had a last minute panic at Hualien because we found out the night before that ALL train tickets were sold out to Taichung, and we had to improvise and take TRA to Taipei, and then pray that there were seats on the HSR from Taipei to Taichung at night. Luckily we could book the tickets online using credit card, and HSR is in fact a much faster option, taking just less than an hour to reach.

We stayed at an excellent hotel, Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park Hotel. They gave us a free upgrade to a semi-suite with 2 Queen-sized beds, and this was by far the most spacious and comfortable hotel room for the price we paid.

Holiday Inn Taichung


This was godsend for us to fully recharge from the lack of sleep the previous few nights.

My mum managed to crowd-source the best taxi driver from those waiting outside our hotel, to bring us on a guided day trip to Sun Moon Lake! He turned out to be a really friendly (I can’t seem to emphasis how they’re all so affable) cabby as well and he frequently bring tourists around to popular attractions.


Again, you may wish to contact him if you’re going to Taichung but message in Chinese only~

Sun Moon Lake

To be honest, I don’t really see the shape of the sun and moon…

It was quite a long ride to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and once we’ve reached, we got bombarded by the many boat companies trying to sell their package to us. They look like they offer the same stuff, but the cabby brought us to the one near Starbucks and they were wearing pink shirts.

Lake View

The boat company will take us to 3 different destinations and at each point we can disembark and roam around. When we’re done, we can board any of their company’s boat to continue on our tour.

First stop is where you can find the famous 阿嬷香菇茶叶蛋! Everyone comes here to try it, and since it’s so cheap and delicious we bought 3.

Cha Ye Dan

The view here is slightly better once we climbed up some stairs, and I vaguely remember our second stop was more or less the same.

Hot Weather

When the weather starts to get hot, my parents resort to all patterns to keep cool.

Ri Yue Tan

The third stop is the most exiting place! It’s used to be an aboriginal village but it’s now converted to some tourist street selling lots of food and souvenirs! We tried some a lot of their 土产 and also saw many cute doggies chilling.

Cute Dog

The fried fish and shrimps were pretty good! We also tried the 大肠包小肠,阿桑母奶茶 and other random snacks that this became our lunch.

Taiwan Snacks

The cab driver later brought us to 文武庙 to sight-see, and 涵碧樓紀念館 where ex-Taiwan President 蔣中正 (蒋介石) stayed at during some point in time because of its tranquility. [Please correct me if I’m wrong on this]


This is a big wooden table where you can pose like a boss.

Wooden Table

I think this was the most beautiful shot of my mum taken that day.


Followed shortly by a not so glamorous shot at the Winery.

Mother at Winery

After the tour, we told the cabby to drop us off at the biggest mall in Taichung, ShinKong Mitsukoshi (星光三越). This time round we realized it’s way too atas for us because everything there is branded, so we scoot off to Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市) instead!

One of the largest night markets in Taiwan, we smartly went there on a Saturday night and the crowd was NO JOKE.

Feng Jia Night Market

We tried so much food there I stopped taking pictures of them after a while. It’s futile with the massive crowd and bad lighting, and I just wanna eat my food because it looks so good.

One particularly famous stall is the 炒面面包 that’s like pasta sandwich. Quite an interesting idea, but the queue was too long for me to try it out.

That’s about all I did in Taichung. As you can tell, we were pretty rushed for time mainly due to the traveling distance between the places we visited. We didn’t think it would take that long to get around even by car, and were pretty shagged out by end of Day 5.

However, it’s a different matter when we got to Taipei because our itinerary was at a slower pace, hence we got to unwind a bit more.

Next and final post on Taipei-Taiwan hopefully to be up during the weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Taiwan Trip: Taichung (台中) Leg 28th – 30th June 2013

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  2. hi I’m also travelling with my family to Taiwan. may I know is there train from hualien to Taichung? having some trouble to find the details. thanks in advance!

    • Hi Sing Siew,

      Hualien and Taichung are both great places to travel with the family. There wasn’t a direct train service between these 2 places, hence I took the TRA from Hualien back to Taipei, and then subsequently the HSR from Taipei to Taichung. It’s a bit inconvenient, so try to book your train tickets in advance!

      Hope you have a great holiday~

      -Jeremy K.

      • Hi Jeremy,

        Thank you for the prompt reply. I think I’ll explore Hualien-cingjing-Taichung if that’s the case.

        How long was the train ride from Hualien-Taipei-Taichung by the way?

        Thank you.

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