Feelings of a Final Semester Student

My university life is finally coming to a close.

3 years in NBS (with a semester spent in Schulich) seems just about the right amount of time. I honestly can’t imagine studying for another year. The cramming for exams is too unbearable to me, hence I am here blogging.

I have met many new friends from hall and school, although I must say I regret not going for NBS camp. Being a floater does seem to have quite some pros and cons. I have more time for my friends outside of NBS, but that also means I attend classes alone most of the time and I don’t have a close clique (sorry for the cliche) that I belong to & hang out with.

Anyways, it’s still been a pretty successful undergraduate experience for me I guess. Most importantly, I found a job after graduation and I am oddly looking forward to this next step in life.

The working life. A giant step that might last for the next 40 years.

Let’s Go.


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