River Safari Singapore

Ever since the hype about Kai Kai and Jia Jia coming to Singapore, we’ve been wanting to visit the River Safari Singapore. We only found out recently that it had its soft opening in April 2013, so off we go to explore somewhere fun & new.


Heads up, the Wild Amazonia section is still not open yet. This includes the river boat ride, and that makes up about 1/3 of the entire River Safari. So if you want to just visit once and experience the whole thing, do wait a while more before going.

First things first, PANDA!


It was actually quite active, and everyone just flocked to where it decided to chill at.

Panda Eating

Just chilling and eating bamboo shoots. The other shy panda was hiding and there was a CCTV of its hide-out, but apparently panda decided to smash it because it wasn’t working anymore when we passed by the screen.

Peeping Panda

Look who we spotted peeping out from a bag!

Although the Giant Pandas are big and fluffy, my favorite animal of the day is actually the Red Panda!

Red Panda

There are two of them and one kept pacing around the edge of the enclosure. The other was roaming around on the branches above our heads.

Red Panda Climbing

It’s a beauty ain’t it.

Red Panda Running

The pandas are the lucky ones in the River Safari that lives in air-con and doesn’t have to brave the elements of sun and rain.

The other river exhibits are pretty ordinary to us, lots of fishes and a few crocodiles.

Long-Nosed Fish

Pinocchio Fish.

There is also a huge aquarium that houses lots of manatees. It felt peaceful to sit there and watch them float around like mermaids.


Here is one huge manatee feeding on lots of vegetables.



Gen & MS (GEMS) our double date for the day~



All of us were wearing animal-related tees that day too!

It was a pretty short trip, we completed the whole circle in about an hour plus. Unlike the Zoo, which is much bigger and more open-ended to how you want to explore the areas.

I actually think it would be better if they added this as part of the Zoo instead of a whole new area altogether. I don’t think it’s substantial enough to survive as an attraction on its own. Just my thoughts!





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