Valentine’s Day 2013 at Basilico, Regent Hotel

Michelle and I celebrated our 4th Valentine’s Day together this year!

The First was at Cathay where we caught Valentine’s Day (the movie) and had dinner at Prego. The Second was at our place of origin (top secret). The Third was our epic “7 gifts at the 14th minute past every hour”. The Fourth this year was at Basilico, an Italian buffet at Regent Hotel!


It was highly recommended by my Uncle, so I decided to go ahead with this place. Their spread was really good, and I shall let the pictures do the talking.


Grand display of appetizers/starters at the center of the restaurant.


We made our own salad with a variety of sea salt and truffle oil.


I like their scallops and juicy prawns!

Cod Fish

In my opinion, this was actually my favorite for the day. Super delicious cod fish in miso paste. I helped myself to a lot of servings of this.


Assortment of pastas, lasagne with Wagyu beef, and lamb.

Sea Salt Prawns

Deeply regretted leaving these prawns for the last, because I was too full to eat any more. These were gone really quickly once they’re served.


What’s an italian buffet without ham?


and cheese!


The lovely girl.



It was a sumptuous lunch spent together with my love and I hope we can spend every Valentine’s Day together~