Wilson’s 24th Birthday

Happy 24th Birthday Wilson!

Every time we hang out with Wilson it’s like we’re reliving our childhood moments and younger days. We never fail to do childish/immature things. Nevertheless it’s also¬†always great fun because some people never seem to grow up. I don’t think he reads this blog anyway so I should be fine…

Wilson's Birthday

We took plenty of self-timer pictures, learnt to pose with guitars/ukuleles, played with sparklers and swings, threw light-sticks at each other in the dark. I swear it’s the aura of the room that makes us do such things.

Guitar Shot

Spot the anomaly above haha. OH and before I forget (actually I NEVER will), we also laughed non-stop at this video of sexy gal shakin’ it.

Disclaimer: This video was taken by Wilson (hence i’m not the evil one) and I’ve seek permission from relevant person to post this here.

RWS: Marine Life Park Oceanarium & Adventure Water Cove

While we were still in the midst of the holiday season last December, Michelle and I visited the Marine Life Park S.E.A. Oceanarium as well as the Adventure Water Cove at RWS! I bet you didn’t know that there’s more than just hotels and USS there.

The entrance tickets were S$29 for each attraction, and we booked them online because we were afraid they would sell out like USS. However, it wasn’t really crowded when we went.

The layout of the Marine Life Park reminds us of the old Underwater World because it’s really similar. There is an addition of the mega huge “Oceanarium” that’s the world’s largest and pictures would not be able to capture it’s size.

Marine Life Park

That’s me with one of the many tanks of fish swimming inside. I really still can’t tell which is which.

The other fascinating thing was that I touched a starfish for the first time in my life!

Marine Life Park Starfish

It felt hard and shelly. Very unlike the slimy thing that will suck and devour my fingers as I thought they would.

An attempt to capture the huge-ass Oceanarium.

S.E.A. Oceanarium

There were plenty of sting-rays flying around. Quite fun to watch them glide and show their underside that is a really cute smiley face if you look closely.


We also saw plenty of jelly fishes, and the sharks were right at the last part.

The next day we went to the Adventure Water Cove! It’s a water theme park that’s way better than Wild Wild Wet and the old Fantasy Island. The best thing is that it’s still pretty new and there wasn’t much queue for the rides!

Dueling Racers

There is this Dueling Racers where you lie on a mat and slide down on your belly.

Lazy River

A lazy river that had lifeguards every 5 metres (I’m not kidding). I think it’s quite creepy when you know that the whole river is empty and when you’re floating like a water buffalo along this slow river, the lifeguards are pretending to look away but they are probably secretly judging you and thinking you’re damn lame to be so old and still playing this.¬†or maybe it’s just me haha.

Rainbow Reef

The Rainbow Reef is quite cool! It allows us to snorkel and see the fishes up close just like when we’re out in the open sea. I think this is probably the most interesting attraction and there was a substantial queue for this.

Wave Pool

Of course all water theme parks now must have a wave pool. This shot was taken when it was drizzling and the pool was emptied of humans. The technique to enjoy the wave pool to the maximum is as follows. Grab a tube and get on. Ask someone to push you as far as possible from the shore. Afterwards, try and get your tube to be at the extreme right side of the pool (in this picture) and the waves will be MEGA huge and might probably push you all the way back to the shore in 1 wave. All humans in the path of your tube will be like bowling pins. Super fun!

There were also slides such as some toilet-bowl-like flush and a magnetic-strip propelled slide. However, cameras weren’t allowed on them so no pictures~

I had a really fun day here and you should probably go there soon before it gets crowded once more people know about it.

Jeremy & Michelle