OSOS Christmas Party 2012

OSOS had our annual Christmas Party early this year on the 16th of December 2012 at our OSOS crib. We wanted to hold it earlier just in case the world ends on 21st December 2012 and we couldn’t celebrate in time. Ok, that’s pretty bullshit and lame but it’s nothing compared to this EPIC RAP BATTLE.

I think my Samsung SIII only managed to record a lot of noise and background laughter, so in all honesty I couldn’t make up what they’re rapping about at all.. It’s still worth a good laugh though. Enjoy.


Our friendly Chocolate Origin 面包王子 also designed and made a special christmas logcake for us!

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OSOS Chocolate Logcake

He proudly calls it the Hentai Logcake. He also added a twist into the cake. There were 2 Ricola candies and 1 Hi-Chew candy hidden inside the cake. Whoever gets the Hi-Chew is supposed to finish half the bottle of Choya, while the 2 Ricolas are supposed to kiss. In the end, Jobjob drank some Choya and J-mon and Abang-mon pecked each other on the cheek. More requests ensued and Omnom-mon was being asked to kiss Fat-mon but being a hero that he is, he volunteered to kiss Abang-mon instead. On the lips. All these happened while Kantang-Mon was super excited but she didn’t manage to find someone to kiss after all.

It’s really much fun but sadly I’m going to miss the NYE party!!

Hopefully someone else in OSOS will blog about it. *Hint*

2 thoughts on “OSOS Christmas Party 2012

    • haha I think they will kill me if it goes onto Facebook, but I posted a link to this entry on Facebook though! And yeah the mons were to semi-protect the identity, even though yours is pretty obvious TEEHEE keedingz.

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