3rd Anniversary at ROCKU

Michelle and I had a simple 3rd Anniversary celebration at ROCKU, Bugis+ (former Iluma). It’s located at a secluded corner on the 4th floor, but their food is something worth going for!


It was during the exam period, so I didn’t want to eat the buffet (only available on weekends) and get post-food coma after that. We ordered pork belly, chicken and pork shoulders. It was all $10 or less and the servings were pretty substantial!

On Friday nights at 8p.m. if you down your beer in 3 seconds you get a free refill! I haven’t been there yet but I think there’s an MC facilitating this friendly contest. Sounds fun right!

Anybody want to go eat together can jio me =D

I will definitely want to go back again when I have BBQ meat cravings! The best part about this place is that their air-suction function of their charcoal grill is so good that your clothes actually don’t stink after this. I know it’s not related to the food but it’s a cause for concern for many people.

3rd Anniversary at ROCKU

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