We’re The Furballs (WTF)

At a little shop along Katong, there is a dog cafe called We’re The Furballs!


It’s a cafe where you can buy a drink (bubble tea) and you will have access to an air-conditioned place where the dogs play around freely.

There are a couple of them. Duchess/BuiBui/Mochi/Slinky/Lulu/Yuki and they are all very friendly dogs!

Duchess Napping

I think the best part is when you sit down on the floor and cross your legs, the doggies will come over and snuggle on your lap and sleep!

I know it’s not good to have favorites, but I think BuiBui is the most adorable of them.


BuiBui & I

I like the way the dog sits. So chill.

Random Dog Stare-Out

Random Stare-Out session.

Michelle had her share of love from the dogs too!

Michelle & Dog

It’s a really nice place to go play with dogs if your parents don’t allow pets at home. They are all really nice smelling, and it’s courteous to clean up the dog’s pee with a mop immediately (before they play with their own urine).

I hope they bring in a corgi pup. I’ll definitely visit more often if they do!

More pictures here.

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