December 2012

I guess I should do an update about my life.

  1. Exams are over! I just finished the penultimate semester of my university life. The exams are always the torturous part, and I’m pretty glad I only need to go through that once more next May.
  2. We got our HDB Additional Housing Grant approved! It was really lucky of us because we didn’t think we would get it, but then we gradually realized how things actually fit perfectly. It was a blessing. A huge chunk of money (the maximum in grant) just relieved a lot of our initial cash deposit and loan woes.
  3. I got rejected by a job that I wanted and put in quite a lot of effort for the many rounds of interviews and such. I hope my career works out in the end. Maybe it is better for me in the long run. Trying to be positive here.

So, all these happened in the last 3 days. Quite a roller-coaster of events huh!

Now I can’t wait for the year-end festivities to start!



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