Gardens by the Bay East

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-known spot in Singapore that’s perfect for picnics/jogs/relaxation.

It’s Gardens by the Bay East! If you drive/cab, alight just before you turn into the Marina Bay Golf Course. Those of you who do not stay near the east, you probably will get lost. It’s really deep in Tanjong Rhu area. However once you get there, the lack of crowd is really peaceful. The gardens are also very well-maintained for a public park.

This is also where you can climb up several flights of stairs to get onto Benjamin Sheares Bridge. Yes, you can walk along it like those KPMG cyclists you saw in Ah Boys to Men.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing which I wanted to try for a long while already. One thing off my bucket list =D

It’s also quite fun to go for such “hiking” trips on Sunday mornings. Next time I’m going to get into my running gear and jog along the River/Reservoir because the scenery is beautiful.

I only hope that this place remains empty and serene for as long as can be.

OSOS Christmas Party 2012

OSOS had our annual Christmas Party early this year on the 16th of December 2012 at our OSOS crib. We wanted to hold it earlier just in case the world ends on 21st December 2012 and we couldn’t celebrate in time. Ok, that’s pretty bullshit and lame but it’s nothing compared to this EPIC RAP BATTLE.

I think my Samsung SIII only managed to record a lot of noise and background laughter, so in all honesty I couldn’t make up what they’re rapping about at all.. It’s still worth a good laugh though. Enjoy.


Our friendly Chocolate Origin 面包王子 also designed and made a special christmas logcake for us!

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OSOS Chocolate Logcake

He proudly calls it the Hentai Logcake. He also added a twist into the cake. There were 2 Ricola candies and 1 Hi-Chew candy hidden inside the cake. Whoever gets the Hi-Chew is supposed to finish half the bottle of Choya, while the 2 Ricolas are supposed to kiss. In the end, Jobjob drank some Choya and J-mon and Abang-mon pecked each other on the cheek. More requests ensued and Omnom-mon was being asked to kiss Fat-mon but being a hero that he is, he volunteered to kiss Abang-mon instead. On the lips. All these happened while Kantang-Mon was super excited but she didn’t manage to find someone to kiss after all.

It’s really much fun but sadly I’m going to miss the NYE party!!

Hopefully someone else in OSOS will blog about it. *Hint*

3rd Anniversary at ROCKU

Michelle and I had a simple 3rd Anniversary celebration at ROCKU, Bugis+ (former Iluma). It’s located at a secluded corner on the 4th floor, but their food is something worth going for!

It was during the exam period, so I didn’t want to eat the buffet (only available on weekends) and get post-food coma after that. We ordered pork belly, chicken and pork shoulders. It was all $10 or less and the servings were pretty substantial!

On Friday nights at 8p.m. if you down your beer in 3 seconds you get a free refill! I haven’t been there yet but I think there’s an MC facilitating this friendly contest. Sounds fun right!

Anybody want to go eat together can jio me =D

I will definitely want to go back again when I have BBQ meat cravings! The best part about this place is that their air-suction function of their charcoal grill is so good that your clothes actually don’t stink after this. I know it’s not related to the food but it’s a cause for concern for many people.

3rd Anniversary at ROCKU

We’re The Furballs (WTF)

At a little shop along Katong, there is a dog cafe called We’re The Furballs!

It’s a cafe where you can buy a drink (bubble tea) and you will have access to an air-conditioned place where the dogs play around freely.

There are a couple of them. Duchess/BuiBui/Mochi/Slinky/Lulu/Yuki and they are all very friendly dogs!

Duchess Napping

I think the best part is when you sit down on the floor and cross your legs, the doggies will come over and snuggle on your lap and sleep!

I know it’s not good to have favorites, but I think BuiBui is the most adorable of them.


BuiBui & I

I like the way the dog sits. So chill.

Random Dog Stare-Out

Random Stare-Out session.

Michelle had her share of love from the dogs too!

Michelle & Dog

It’s a really nice place to go play with dogs if your parents don’t allow pets at home. They are all really nice smelling, and it’s courteous to clean up the dog’s pee with a mop immediately (before they play with their own urine).

I hope they bring in a corgi pup. I’ll definitely visit more often if they do!

More pictures here.

December 2012

I guess I should do an update about my life.

  1. Exams are over! I just finished the penultimate semester of my university life. The exams are always the torturous part, and I’m pretty glad I only need to go through that once more next May.
  2. We got our HDB Additional Housing Grant approved! It was really lucky of us because we didn’t think we would get it, but then we gradually realized how things actually fit perfectly. It was a blessing. A huge chunk of money (the maximum in grant) just relieved a lot of our initial cash deposit and loan woes.
  3. I got rejected by a job that I wanted and put in quite a lot of effort for the many rounds of interviews and such. I hope my career works out in the end. Maybe it is better for me in the long run. Trying to be positive here.

So, all these happened in the last 3 days. Quite a roller-coaster of events huh!

Now I can’t wait for the year-end festivities to start!