Hotel Michael OSOS Staycation

A huge thanks to Yi Wei’s dad, OSOS got a room at Hotel Michael for our staycation last Saturday! The walls and furniture there are supposed to be inspired by the architect Michael Graves, so it was fancier than usual.

This is the King-Sized bed and decor.

Toilet Shot 1.

Toilet Shot 2.

The 3 of us that came early spent our precious afternoon there watching Korean dramas. We’ve also learnt that Ching Hui watches a lot of obscure Korean shows as well as trash like Jersey Shore.

We then went walked around to explore Hard Rock Hotel and its gym and swimming pool, but not many of us brought our swimming attire and it was raining most of the day. The pool looks really nice at night though when it is lit up, real pity we didn’t get to use it because they close at 8pm.

OSOS only group picture at Malaysia Food Street.

We also played beach soccer in near pitch-darkness for about an hour. I kind of miss kicking a ball around, and Jun Xiang is going promised to plan a soccer outing after exams so I can’t wait for an OSOS soccer match!

Subsequently, that night was meant to forget a certain somebody that we used to know, so we promptly proceeded with business. Lime Mojito and Pomegranate Cocktails, Peach Liquor, Heinekens, Moscato, Chardonnay, and Gentleman Jack was brought on to play. There were a couple of videos recorded that night, but sadly nobody’s sharing it yet. I’m sure those will be good memories in time to come.

It was a short stay in a nice hotel, and it definitely made us laugh so hard like old times at chalets. The only difference is that the location got upgraded =D


Anyway, our dear friend Amer is embarking on a diet. Here is some evidence that she’s working out!

Good luck and hope you become chai.

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