ROOKIES – Japanese Drama

It is not often that I watch Japanese dramas, but I was introduced to this one by Jun Hui and I have been totally addicted to it.

It’s called ROOKIES and it is a baseball manga that got adapted to a TV series. There are 11 episodes in all, together with a movie finale that was released one year later. Although I don’t play baseball, I knew the general rules and the storyline for the games wasn’t that technical. The main idea of the drama is a young rookie teacher trying to motivate his bunch of unruly students to achieve their dreams of playing at Koushien.

Ninth Inning.

Two Outs.

Bases Loaded.

The show also had plenty of inspirational quotes, and I guess this is the most famous one of them all.



By 川藤幸一

To anyone that’s interested in watching this series, I can gladly pass you the show!

I definitely recommend you to watch it, especially if you play sports or like shows to reminisce about your old schooling days!

I think one of the best part of the show is actually the theme song. Here’s a preview of how awesome it is. I still get positive goosebumps whenever I listen to the song.

It’s called キセキ by GReeeeN. (Video is not related to the drama though)

If only they have a season 2…

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