Nike We Run SG 10K 2012

On 21st October 2012, I took part in my first Nike We Run SG 10K run! To be honest, the main reason why I took part was because I wanted the running tees that came along with signing up. The 2010 and 2011 tees were nice and I regretted missing out because it sold out very quickly.

This year’s tee wasn’t really what I was expecting though.. It’s black with neon yellow sleeves and collar lining.

And this is the finisher’s tee, which is slightly nicer!

Ok, I don’t really know why I posted these 2 pictures. If you have been out and about on the streets or in school, you would have noticed plenty of people proudly wearing their finisher tee already.

I completed the run with Jun Hui and his friend Eugene.

This 10km was probably the most crowded running event that I’ve attended so far. I thought the Army Half Marathon was really crowded, but this time round the crowd only dispersed around the 4km mark. Which meant that for the first 4km, we were squashed like sardines trying to maneuver our way forward, amidst the very intense body heat generated by the running pack.

The other comment I have to make was the insanely long queue for the bag collection at the end of the race. Luckily for me I didn’t bring any bag to the race, but my friends had to queue for more than an hour after the run just to retrieve the bags. This may partially be due to the start and ending point being at different locations, which makes the logistics VERY much harder to manage.

Anyway, I was actually quite pleased with my race timing of 1 hour and 5 minutes! It is definitely much faster than I expected, considering I have not trained for it at all and the massive crowd made it really difficult to run at a comfortable pace..

If anyone is interested, Nike SG’s facebook page also has an app that can track your race timings. (or to stalk your friends’ timings…)

Whether or not I’ll join again next year, I’ve not decided yet. It very much depends on their tees actually. Hope they do another red one!

Your Brain is a Muscle – Work It!

I used to like brain teasers when I was younger. I chanced upon this on Facebook today and I found it really fun and challenging. Do you know the answer?

You are in a room with two doors – one leads to heaven and the other to hell. Each door is protected by a single guard. One of the guards always lies and one of them always tells the truth.

What is the one question you can ask to ensure you will know which door goes to heaven?

I’ll post the answer in the comments, so don’t worry if your brain is fried (like mine).

ROOKIES – Japanese Drama

It is not often that I watch Japanese dramas, but I was introduced to this one by Jun Hui and I have been totally addicted to it.

It’s called ROOKIES and it is a baseball manga that got adapted to a TV series. There are 11 episodes in all, together with a movie finale that was released one year later. Although I don’t play baseball, I knew the general rules and the storyline for the games wasn’t that technical. The main idea of the drama is a young rookie teacher trying to motivate his bunch of unruly students to achieve their dreams of playing at Koushien.

Ninth Inning.

Two Outs.

Bases Loaded.

The show also had plenty of inspirational quotes, and I guess this is the most famous one of them all.



By 川藤幸一

To anyone that’s interested in watching this series, I can gladly pass you the show!

I definitely recommend you to watch it, especially if you play sports or like shows to reminisce about your old schooling days!

I think one of the best part of the show is actually the theme song. Here’s a preview of how awesome it is. I still get positive goosebumps whenever I listen to the song.

It’s called キセキ by GReeeeN. (Video is not related to the drama though)

If only they have a season 2…

Selecting an HDB flat

I guess most of my friends know by now that I have applied for an HDB flat, and last Sunday I made a big decision to chose my unit with Michelle =D

The estate where I am going to spend at least 5 years of my life at is in the Kallang/Whampoa area – released during the May 2012 BTO. *Some say THE BTO of 2012*

I won’t say which block we are at, but we managed to get a unit on the 22nd floor! This is even though our ballot queue number was 94X / 888 units available. Drop out rate at my point of selection was about 23%, so that certainly was in our favour. Therefore, when you get a ballot queue number that is more than the number of units available, don’t panic!! There is still a fair chance of getting a decent unit, provided the ethnic quota is not reached yet. (It’s normally the limiting factor for chinese applicants.)

I am also proud to say that McNair Towers is just a 3-5 minutes walk away from Boon Keng MRT on the North-East Line, and is probably 10-15 minutes away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT! Going to work in the CBD will be a breeze, and it is also convenient for friends to come over too when we have house parties..

The cost of the HDB is staggering though, at $570,000 it is probably one of the most expensive 4-room flats… I guess I can’t complain because the location is just too good that it outweighs a lot of other considerations.

I honestly can’t wait to move in in a few years time~