Dinner at OTTO ristorante

This post is close to 3 weeks late, but it felt not too long ago when we went to OTTO ristorante for dinner!

The occasion was to celebrate Michelle’s 23rd Birthday =D


We ordered from their ala carte menu because their degustation menu, though enticing, wasn’t something we can afford right now…

Anyway, the place is located at Red Dot Traffic Building. It is an iconic bright red brick building just a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. We made a reservation at 6.30pm, and we were the first ones there!

We were served with complimentary bread. I liked the one with onions (the middle one).

The chef also offered us a spoon literally of cauliflower that tasted a bit like gratin.

Our starter for the night was Wagyu beef carpaccio with mushroom and parmesan cheese salad $26.

I don’t usually eat wagyu beef, but when I do it has to be something different like this. However, I am really not used to eating beef in this form and only found it interesting for the first few bites.

My main for the night was Spaghetti with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga $30.

The first time it came, the pasta was WAY too hard and we could feel our teeth sinking into uncooked flour. We alerted the waitress about this and she tried to tell us that it’s al dente but we didn’t buy it because this was really under-cooked. Nevertheless, she promptly offered to get another plate for us even though the sea urchin was already mixed together with the pasta. The manager also nicely came to apologize for the quality.

The second time round was really good though! I read online that this combination is supposed to evoke a fifth sense of taste on our tastebuds, called umamiTo me, I would place it somewhere in between sweet and salty. I also came to the conclusion that it could actually be MSG. HAHA

Michelle ordered the Parma ham wrapped cod fillet with warm asparagus salad $40.

The huge slice of cod was heaven. It was very succulent and the parma ham and asparagus was an interesting combination. 

It was a pleasant meal at this Italian ristorante, and the ambience that night was just right for a celebratory occasion. The other table next to us were having a reunion of sorts. I would probably come back here another time, when I have more disposable income to do so~


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