Trip to the Zoo!

In celebration of Michelle’s Birthday and August Babies’ Free Entry, we decided to hurry make a trip down to Singapore Zoological Gardens! It had been at least 2 years since I’ve last been there, and it was nice to see some familiar animals again. More on them later!

The Saki Monkey was one of the first few to greet us near the entrance. It has a rather unfortunate name..

There were also lots of squeaks from these noisy fellas, Sea Otters!


We were given a chance to take photos with Orang Utans.


That’s the mother with her kids!


My sharp eye also spotted a Leopard Cat in its enclosure, sleeping as expected.

We saw many other animals that day but my favorite had to be the ring-tailed lemur! He is better know as King Julien from the Madagascar movie.


Say hello to my old friend. They are quite friendly creatures and they flocked towards us when another tourist offered some bananas to them. With some luck, we managed to touch their super furry fur and took some photos.


Most of the other visitors actually missed the lazy two-toed sloth lazing around at a secluded quiet corner.


It didn’t move an inch the whole 10 minutes we were there playing with the lemurs.

In other news, the naked mole rat is a very un-photogenic animal.


It’s cruel to say this but they just look like naked skin.

We got the chance to feed the giraffes after paying a token amount of $5!

Here is me trying to compare whose neck is longer.




It was a fun day out and to be honest, we didn’t have to pay the extra $5 for the tram ticket because it’s actually a better idea to walk and cover all the animal enclosures instead.


Our tram shot.


Notice we are both wearing animal-themed clothes!

That’s all for the day, and see you again King Julien~


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