Samsung Convert

I made a huge leap of faith to switch from using an iPhone to a Samsung! This was partially because I lost all interest in Apple when they announced their iPhone 5. It was  not innovative, boring and just longer than usual.

Samsung on the other hand is new and interesting to me, so the only difficulty I had was learning how to use an Android device.

The phone I got was the Samsung Galaxy SIII in Amber Brown. It’s my favorite color there and I am still in love with it.

One of the first things that you will notice about Samsung SIII is that the screen is huge! It depends on your personal preference, but I think it’s just about perfect. Anything bigger like the Samsung Galaxy Note and it will be a bit ridiculous to have that bulge in your pants.

Here is a website that does a comparison of the specifications of iPhone 5 vs. Samsung SIII vs. Nokia Lumia 920.

And if you’re worried about some technicalities like how to transfer all your iPhone contacts to your new SIII, there are plenty of help online too!

I really don’t think it is that difficult to make the switch and get used to an android OS. I have not regretted doing so since.


Interesting story. Highly fictional but there are still lessons to be learnt, especially for the said Singaporeans.

The Heart Truths

It is the Year 2083. Singapore is now the 8th largest city in Malaysia, and has been renamed Pulau Selatan, or Southern Island. After years of infighting, Singapore was unable to catch up in the new economic world system and had to ask Malaysia to buy off its fortune. Iskandar is now the largest port in Southeast Asia. Bintan now rivals Iskandar as the regional hub, after the Indonesian government poured in millions to develop the Riau Islands in the late 2030s.

There are now about 500,000 people living in Singapore, not bad for a country which once was the shining beacon of Southeast Asia, where at its heyday when it had nearly 6.5 million people on the island. Most ex-Singaporeans had migrated to Kuala Lumpur, Iskandar and Penang to work in the service sectors there, after Singapore underwent waves of recession and collapsed. Most of the MRT lines built in the…

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Dinner at OTTO ristorante

This post is close to 3 weeks late, but it felt not too long ago when we went to OTTO ristorante for dinner!

The occasion was to celebrate Michelle’s 23rd Birthday =D

We ordered from their ala carte menu because their degustation menu, though enticing, wasn’t something we can afford right now…

Anyway, the place is located at Red Dot Traffic Building. It is an iconic bright red brick building just a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. We made a reservation at 6.30pm, and we were the first ones there!

We were served with complimentary bread. I liked the one with onions (the middle one).

The chef also offered us a spoon literally of cauliflower that tasted a bit like gratin.

Our starter for the night was Wagyu beef carpaccio with mushroom and parmesan cheese salad $26.

I don’t usually eat wagyu beef, but when I do it has to be something different like this. However, I am really not used to eating beef in this form and only found it interesting for the first few bites.

My main for the night was Spaghetti with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga $30.

The first time it came, the pasta was WAY too hard and we could feel our teeth sinking into uncooked flour. We alerted the waitress about this and she tried to tell us that it’s al dente but we didn’t buy it because this was really under-cooked. Nevertheless, she promptly offered to get another plate for us even though the sea urchin was already mixed together with the pasta. The manager also nicely came to apologize for the quality.

The second time round was really good though! I read online that this combination is supposed to evoke a fifth sense of taste on our tastebuds, called umamiTo me, I would place it somewhere in between sweet and salty. I also came to the conclusion that it could actually be MSG. HAHA

Michelle ordered the Parma ham wrapped cod fillet with warm asparagus salad $40.

The huge slice of cod was heaven. It was very succulent and the parma ham and asparagus was an interesting combination. 

It was a pleasant meal at this Italian ristorante, and the ambience that night was just right for a celebratory occasion. The other table next to us were having a reunion of sorts. I would probably come back here another time, when I have more disposable income to do so~

The World is Beautiful – El Teide

There is this post going on Facebook that show some amazing places on Earth to go to. Of course they are all (mostly) natural phenomenons which makes it even more unbelievable.

I clicked on the youtube video at the bottom of the page and I was brought to a time-lapse movie clip of the El Teide Mountain in Spain.

I just thought I would like to share this. The skies are so clear there that you can see the stars and sunset; it’s totally surreal.

Trip to the Zoo!

In celebration of Michelle’s Birthday and August Babies’ Free Entry, we decided to hurry make a trip down to Singapore Zoological Gardens! It had been at least 2 years since I’ve last been there, and it was nice to see some familiar animals again. More on them later!

The Saki Monkey was one of the first few to greet us near the entrance. It has a rather unfortunate name..

There were also lots of squeaks from these noisy fellas, Sea Otters!


We were given a chance to take photos with Orang Utans.


That’s the mother with her kids!


My sharp eye also spotted a Leopard Cat in its enclosure, sleeping as expected.

We saw many other animals that day but my favorite had to be the ring-tailed lemur! He is better know as King Julien from the Madagascar movie.


Say hello to my old friend. They are quite friendly creatures and they flocked towards us when another tourist offered some bananas to them. With some luck, we managed to touch their super furry fur and took some photos.


Most of the other visitors actually missed the lazy two-toed sloth lazing around at a secluded quiet corner.


It didn’t move an inch the whole 10 minutes we were there playing with the lemurs.

In other news, the naked mole rat is a very un-photogenic animal.


It’s cruel to say this but they just look like naked skin.

We got the chance to feed the giraffes after paying a token amount of $5!

Here is me trying to compare whose neck is longer.




It was a fun day out and to be honest, we didn’t have to pay the extra $5 for the tram ticket because it’s actually a better idea to walk and cover all the animal enclosures instead.


Our tram shot.


Notice we are both wearing animal-themed clothes!

That’s all for the day, and see you again King Julien~