Birthday Celebration – Hummerstons & Gardens by the Bay

Michelle had in store a full day of celebrations for me on Sunday! We started it off with brunch at Hummerstons.

It’s located on the 2nd floor at Robertson Walk.

After I came back from Canada, I had been craving for good poutine for a long time, and when I found out that they serve them here, I couldn’t resist ordering! We had the Italian Job poutine which costs $13.90. The one I really wanted to try (Montreal Poutine) costs $19 which we felt was too expensive…

My steak with poached eggs $28. The steak was alright, the poached eggs were bland. Their truffles fries were the only redeeming item on the plate!

Michelle’s order of Breakfast Tostada $16. She didn’t really like the sausages that were too hard, and I guess the tortilla chips were kind of disappointing for us too.

Our dessert was Tarte a Roon! It looked nice, but the almond macaroon crumbled too easily and didn’t really taste good. I know of many other places with better apple desserts.

We also saw that they serve papa palheta coffee here, so we decided to give it a try too!

I don’t know why but it didn’t taste at all like the good familiar coffee that was papa palheta’s. Perhaps they used a different bean or milk or something.

As you can see, this place was not really worth the money. It came up to about $45 per pax, and we will most probably only come back here for the truffle fries, if ever.

Our next stop for the day is Gardens by the Bay!

Check out the people photo-bombing us. Including the lady on the right trying to pinch/flick the blue guy’s nipple.

The Cloudforest Dome – I really liked this place because it was a cooling 20 degrees and I wish Singapore’s weather could be like this forever.

There is this Lady Slipper Orchid flower that we kept seeing around. Doesn’t it remind you of a certain Pokemon?

Menacing Pitcher Plant.

This High Line style trail that we can follow in the Dome.

The Flower Dome has less height to its features. Most of the flora there are mediterranean or dessert types, which means plenty of cactus and other similar plants.

My attempt at a panoramic shot of the Flower Dome.

We spotted Gary the Snail from Spongebob there!

My favorite picture of the day.

Thank you so much Michelle ❤ for this wonderful day!

Love you!


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