Food For Thought – Diarrhea Incident

I knew something was wrong the moment all of us felt like we needed to shit whilst eating halfway. I don’t know what exactly was the culprit, but we suspect that it could be the pancakes because that was the only thing that we all shared a bit and ate.

True enough, I had the runs at about 6pm and 8pm. I didn’t even have any appetite for dinner and I was already feeling hot and feverish.

I took dhamotil and panadol and quickly went to sleep, hoping I’ll recover when I wake up the next morning.

The epic finale happened at about 1.40am, when my mom came into my room and found out that I am burning hot and having a high fever. She gave me some H20 to drink, and immediately I had the urge to vomit. I ran to the toilet and puked 3 times in total, and I was so faint and giddy after that; my vision greyed and I kind of passed out on the toilet floor.

I must have scared the shit out of my poor mom.

But I definitely felt better after the puking. I was conscious again after about a minute or so and went back to bed, and I feel normal this morning already.

Getting food poisoning really sucks, and I hope there weren’t other people at Food for Thought that had a similar or even worse experience than I did. Having said that, I am NEVER going back to the Botanical Gardens outlet again…


Afterthoughts, I am very thankful to my mom who took care of me while I was unwell. She even woke up earlier to cook 爱心 porridge breakfast before she went to work in the morning.

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