Abercrombie & Fitch Spree! Deadline 06-AUG-2012 10:00H Spread the word!!

We are organizing a SPREE so that you can enjoy great A&F prices at the comfort of your own home! As most of you know, Singapore has blocked the the US website so here’s how you view the cheap US prices.

Firstly, to access the US website “www.abercrombie.com” and to view the prices there, you have to use a proxy. Here are some links to reliable proxies that you can use.




All don’t require downloads, if you can’t access using Chrome, try using IE or other browsers =)

When you have decided the items that you wish to order, here are the following steps that you need to do.

1. Email abercrombie.sg@gmail.com with your

a) Item URL link

b) Item Name e.g.: Blue Mountain

c) Color: be specific, which means the exact color under the drop-down menu.

d) Size

e) repeat this for every single item you want.

Delivery duration: about 2 – 3 weeks Exchange rate: 1USD = 1.34SGD

Handling fee: S$3 per item **

Shipping rates: S$8 per unit

Mode of Collection: Meetup at Parkway Parade or Bugis/Paya Lebar MRT at my convenience.


1. Please calculate the amount that you have to pay using this formula.

[Exchange rate $1.34 x final total cost of your items in USD] + [No. of items x S$3] + [No. of units x S$8]*

If you are unsure, you can always double check by emailing us and we will calculate for you.


Calculation of units are as follows:

Shirt/tee/Polo/flip-flops – 1 unit

Shorts – 2 units

Small accessories – 0.5 unit

Sweater/Hoodie/Pant/Jeans – 3 units

No Cologne/Perfume because those will be banned from being mailed.

2. Transfer the cash via iBank to POSB Savings 172-37646-0

*Important* We require you to transfer the cash first before we proceed to order. *Important*


3. Email us with proof of your iBank transfer and only then will we proceed to order.

a) Initials/Name

b) Amount transferred

c) Date and Timestamp

Your order will be cancelled if you do not iBank us together with an email proof by the deadline of the spree.

**The reason for the handling fee is because my busy friend in the US has to take time to order and pack, as well as bring the heavy box to the post office and mail it over. This is a small token for his effort so that you can enjoy A&F at a cheaper price!

***In any case that the item you want is sold out, we will do a full refund immediately.

We will try our best to reply within 6 hours so feel free to email us with your orders/questions!

Remember, the spree ends at 06-AUG-2012 10.00am so please be reminded to send us your orders ASAP!

Also, do SPREAD THE WORD and tag your friends about this spree so your friends can enjoy A&F at cheaper prices too =)


If you buy 5 items or more, we will give you a 10% discount off the price of the item!

Thanks and happy SPREEING!

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