Sierra Batam Trip 28 – 29 July 2012

Sierra mates travelled together again, and the destination this year is Batam!

We needed a short overseas getaway and most importantly, it must be cheap. Therefore we sourced from various websites online and found this coupon from Plus! BigDeals

It includes 2-way Ferry Tickets + 2-way Land Transfer + 1 night stay in Harmoni-One + 60 Mins Indonesian Traditional Balinese Massage + Buffet Breakfast + Authentic Halal Indonesian Buffet + 1 day Batam City & Shopping Tour + RP 50,000 Shopping voucher. Basically, it costs about $100 after surcharges (fuel/departure and weekend + tour guide tip) and we each changed SGD$50 to rupiah for our communal fund.

The city tour was in our opinion pretty lame, and the agency probably gets commission from bringing us to these places. The only good thing was the 1 hour balinese massage!

We were even brought to a temple that has the largest Laughing Buddha in South East Asia, and what we did was a customary walkabout and picture taking.

Only PQ Tan spotted the anachronism. It’s also an omen for what’s to come.

Because we were thrown into a shopping mall for 2 hours with nothing to do, we headed for our surprisingly favorite past time overseas – Karaoke! This time it was so dirt cheap, at $1 per person for the entire room. We had no choice but to belt out hits such as One Directions’ – What Makes You Beautiful.

The Harmoni-One Hotel that we stayed at was pretty decent! It actually exceeded our expectations especially after hearing so many bad reviews about hotels in Batam.

This was their greek-themed rooftop pool with heated jacuzzi. It was also our lazing place for both night and day time there.

We took on the tour guide’s advice and he brought us to Wey Wey Live Seafood to have our dinner. It was really crowded that night, amongst a row of other much emptier seafood restaurants near the beach. Nevertheless, it was a good and cheap dinner. It was a tour package and costs $18 for 6 dishes and 1 soup + transport to and from the hotel.

It was a beautiful night for alfresco seafood.

There were also some parts of the trip that are best left forgotten, but some quotes shall forever be etched in our memories.

So, who’s in the middle.


There cannot be just 2 people in the hot tub at any point in  time.




That just about concludes our short trip.

Batam really isn’t as bad as what some people say, and it can actually be a much cheaper alternative to have fun over the weekend.

Still can’t beat Taiwan though.


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