OSOS Running Man (Episode 1)

We thought it was a grandiose plan that would not succeed. We thought it would never materialize. But it did =D

Presenting to you OSOS Running Man (Episode 1)

First stop – Kallang Leisure Park


Team Underdogs: Jeremy, Amerlyn, Kian Yong, Yiwei

Team A: Eugene, Evadne, Jun Xiang, Ching Hui

Mission: Be the first team to find the clues given out by PD Wilson, and to not get eliminated!

It was really dangerous playing in a public mall on a Sunday, because there were quite a lot of shoppers around and the security guards are literally staring us down wherever we go. Nevertheless, we still managed to go around snapping pictures of the clues and tearing off name tags.

Ching Hui was the last person standing from Team A, and Team Underdogs won with Yiwei and I left! It was an epic battle outside the pet shop, but too bad the VJ couldn’t keep up with the action.

Winners: Yiwei and I were awarded running balls!

Second Stop: Waterside Condo

Team Chasers: Wilson, Amer, and I

Team Seekers: Ching Hui, Jun Xiang, Eugene, Yiwei, Kian Yong

Mission: Chasers must eliminate the Seekers by name tags, while the seekers must find RM clues with the name of the Chasers to eliminate them.

This was a mission where we totally under-estimated the size of Wilson’s condo. It was HUGE and us chasers had a hard time running around chasing them, while the seekers couldn’t find the clues as well.

We Chasers had two bells attached to our legs to warn the seekers that we’re coming. It was really a giveaway that made it so much harder to sneak up on them and catch them!

In the end, we called an end to the game after 1.5 hours because we just couldn’t find the sneaky Chingz.

Winners: Amerlyn, Wilson, Ching Hui, and I

It was a really healthy and fun day playing OSOS Running Man, and it really wasn’t that hard once we got the velcro sewed onto the tees.


Special thanks to Amerlyn and Wilson for organizing the games and Evadne for being the PD too!

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