H&F – Himbo & Friends

After a 1 and a half years, Wilson and I finally got to meet up together with Amerlyn and Evadne, and we specially chose an entire Saturday to chill together at the himbo’s.

It was just like old times once we meet; it really feels good to forget about work or being an undergrad/working adult and just be ourselves with a bunch of good friends. Nobody would believe us if we were to tell them we are 23 year olds doing what we did that day.

Firstly, we were going to make Kimchi Pancakes at his house.

Secondly, we had no other plans.

Therefore, we proceeded to embark on a musical experiment where Wilson had to painstakingly find our vocal keys while he tries to blend our voices in with his piano. 99% of the time, it was just him doing his own thing while Amer, Evadne, and I just wanted to sing and complete the song.

Anyhow, I found out that I am a G key. Whatever that means.

We also started “jamming” with keyboard-drums, 2-person piano, and vocals.

From today onwards, the new SG pop legend H&F will be born.

Introducing our album cover!

And also some of our summer-themed photos

You saw that right! Evadne AND Amer can indeed fit into 1 swimming pool tube!

More pictures that will certainly up our street cred and boost us to instant stardom.

Our first single, which is totally original and definitely bound to be a radio-hit is smartly called “I’m Yours”

It might be available on itunes soon for just $0.99. No sneak preview yet because you have to buy it to support us.


In case you think we were really being total retards the entire day, we actually did successfully make the Kimchi Pancakes after our recording. The star-chef of the day is actually Wilson! The first time we’re in awe that he managed to impress us with 2 skills in a single day.


It was a fun Saturday and I wish there will be more like this!

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