Jeffrey Archer – Shall We Tell The President?

I recently got to reading again, and my latest book was the third of a series by Jeffrey Archer – Shall We Tell The President? The other 2 are Kane and Abel (My favorite book of all time) and The Prodigal Daughter.

This is a rather short book and I managed to finish it in a week.

Another reason why I found it so convenient to read was because it was on a Kindle!

We bought the Amazon Kindle 3 when we were in USA for about USD$110, and it was one of our best buys in my opinion! It’s super lightweight and the surface of the reading pane is matt! It makes for a unique “texture” that is very book-like. I don’t like the iPad or the Kindle Fire where they have glossy/bright surfaces that reflect light when you read.. Furthermore, the battery life for a single charge can lasts for about 1 month. Beat that!

Would recommend whoever’s going to USA to get this!

p.s. and read the series as well

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