Beer Fest Asia 2012

This year marks my third consecutive year at Beer Fest Asia! It has always been an event I look forward to because ever since the first time I’ve tried the Matsos Mango beer over here, I was addicted and had been on a search for it ever since. I also tried the Taiwan Melon beer which I have since missed out on 2011 and 2012 this year because we went on the last day and it was sold out!!

Anyway, the highlight of beer fest this year was that it’s a quadruple date!

So far I had double, triple and this is my very first quadruple date! (I know I sound like I’m trying to beat my personal high score)

We tried a lot of fruit beers today, and the prices were reasonable (unlike Avalon that charges $20 for a shot of tequila) between $5-$10 for a bottle on average.

Our first drinks for the day using our complimentary drink token was Taiwan fruit beers – Lychee beer and Mango beer.

I bought them and then realized they were different from the ones I had 2 years ago. Felt a bit cheated..

We then ordered 2 shots of Jagermeister, they costs $5 per shot and comes in test tubes! To be honest, I only had them before with red bull. Drinking them on their own tastes a bit like cough syrup..

This chocolate weizen beer was just bad. It was the most expensive one too at $10. Hated it and when all of us tried it (unknowingly still in front of their booth), we all couldn’t help but gave a disgusted face. It’s really not our fault..

This Koppaberg Pear Cider ($8) was the best that we had today! It was really refreshing and not sour like most ciders.

We also played some foosball and beer pong. I have to tell OSOS that this version of beer pong is 10 times harder than the ones we play, because the distance is much further, and we look completely noob trying so many times but failing to even get a ball in.

I had an awesome time today and I’m pretty glad that my VJ friends and our BAGs finally got to meet each another! Except for Andre and Samew who didn’t turn up today. That would make it a sextet, would it?

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