Riders Cafe Brunch

My Uncle Henry (and Aunt Rebecca) had been very helpful with my AA205 project and even though my team bothered him and his colleagues so many times with a bombardment of questions, he still took time off his busy schedule to accomodate us!

Therefore, I decided to treat them (and my family) to brunch at Riders Cafe!


Riders Cafe is located at 51 Fairways Drive, and I would definitely recommend that you take a cab or drive in because it is way secluded and next to some horse stables.

We also had to make a reservation about 2-3 weeks in advance for brunch on a weekend, and it was really packed when we arrived at 11.30am. It also took them about 30 mins for the food to come, but we had a great time chatting in the mean time.

Blackstone Benedict. This comes with sourdough bread, and from my previous experience in San Francisco, I didn’t really like sourdough because it is very tough! This one is the same, but at least the slightly sour hollandaise sauce sort of complements it.

My uncle’s Riders Burger

My aunt ordered healthy chicken salad. Looks pretty delicious for a salad!

My dad ordered the main – squid ink pasta. I tried the pasta and it was really nice!

My mum ordered the King Threadfin, which I wouldn’t really recommend.

Our dessert was Death by Chocolate Cake, which as the name suggests, is really sinful. The 6 of us shared this slice of cake and we already had trouble finishing it.

I wouldn’t mind coming back here again, especially when there’s Marmalade Pantry next to it as well. I am also pretty interested in how much the horse-riding lessons cost nearby. So many ang-moh kids were geared up and having their lunch there.

Yes, riding a horse is on my bucket list.

Here’s a 全家副


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