Stephen Chbosky – The Perks of being a Wallflower

I have just read Stephen Chbosky – The Perks of being a Wallflower upon recommendation by Michelle, and I did find it pretty interesting!

It tells of a special boy going through his freshmen year, and there are certain things about him that seems to resonate with me. I really thought the author managed to put some perspectives/feelings into words really well, because for some parts I could feel what Charlie was going through.

Throughout the book, there was this talk about the feeling of being infinite. I was driving into the KPE tunnel and I think that’s the closest we can do to replicating that scene in Singapore.

Anyhow, it’s a pretty good book and I advise everyone to read the book first, BEFORE going to catch the movie that is coming out soon. (with Emma Watson)

Here’s the song that was mentioned several times in the book as well, in case you’re curious to find out how to be infinite.


that’s why on the back of a brown paper bag

he tried another poem

and he called it “Absolutely Nothing”

because that’s what it was really all about

and he gave himself an A

and a slash on each damned wrist

and he hung it on the bathroom door

because this time he didnt think

he could reach the kitchen

Where the Hell is Matt – 2012

Now, most of you have probably watched his dance video from a few years back. Matt Harding is back this year with a new Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 video!

I remember watching the previous videos and having my mood immediately lifted up afterwards, because it was simply one of the best youtube videos I’ve watched. Praan, being a very nice song helped too.

This one is no different.

Dancing really conveys meanings much more than words can.


Also, I think he has one of the best jobs in the world.

Here are his older videos that you should watch if you haven’t done so!


Luck of the Draw

We refer to your application to buy a 4-room flat at Kallang / Whampoa in the May 2012 Build-To-Order Exercise.
We have conducted the computer ballot and your balloted queue position to select a flat is 949. Although your queue number exceeds the 888 units of flats on offer, there could be applicants ahead of you in the queue who do not select a flat.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

I have always liked Madagascar and this time round, I didn’t hesitate to catch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted even though I am pretty old for cartoons..

I don’t wish to spoil the movie for you, but I really liked the part where they go all LSD in the circus. Also watch out for this little thing called Mort. In case you don’t know what that thing is, here’s a video to recap!


The plot isn’t as fantastic, but they sure made up for it with the many funny moments.

Next cartoon I’ll be watching is also coming soon! Will update then.

Jeffrey Archer – Shall We Tell The President?

I recently got to reading again, and my latest book was the third of a series by Jeffrey Archer – Shall We Tell The President? The other 2 are Kane and Abel (My favorite book of all time) and The Prodigal Daughter.

This is a rather short book and I managed to finish it in a week.

Another reason why I found it so convenient to read was because it was on a Kindle!

We bought the Amazon Kindle 3 when we were in USA for about USD$110, and it was one of our best buys in my opinion! It’s super lightweight and the surface of the reading pane is matt! It makes for a unique “texture” that is very book-like. I don’t like the iPad or the Kindle Fire where they have glossy/bright surfaces that reflect light when you read.. Furthermore, the battery life for a single charge can lasts for about 1 month. Beat that!

Would recommend whoever’s going to USA to get this!

p.s. and read the series as well

Beer Fest Asia 2012

This year marks my third consecutive year at Beer Fest Asia! It has always been an event I look forward to because ever since the first time I’ve tried the Matsos Mango beer over here, I was addicted and had been on a search for it ever since. I also tried the Taiwan Melon beer which I have since missed out on 2011 and 2012 this year because we went on the last day and it was sold out!!

Anyway, the highlight of beer fest this year was that it’s a quadruple date!

So far I had double, triple and this is my very first quadruple date! (I know I sound like I’m trying to beat my personal high score)

We tried a lot of fruit beers today, and the prices were reasonable (unlike Avalon that charges $20 for a shot of tequila) between $5-$10 for a bottle on average.

Our first drinks for the day using our complimentary drink token was Taiwan fruit beers – Lychee beer and Mango beer.

I bought them and then realized they were different from the ones I had 2 years ago. Felt a bit cheated..

We then ordered 2 shots of Jagermeister, they costs $5 per shot and comes in test tubes! To be honest, I only had them before with red bull. Drinking them on their own tastes a bit like cough syrup..

This chocolate weizen beer was just bad. It was the most expensive one too at $10. Hated it and when all of us tried it (unknowingly still in front of their booth), we all couldn’t help but gave a disgusted face. It’s really not our fault..

This Koppaberg Pear Cider ($8) was the best that we had today! It was really refreshing and not sour like most ciders.

We also played some foosball and beer pong. I have to tell OSOS that this version of beer pong is 10 times harder than the ones we play, because the distance is much further, and we look completely noob trying so many times but failing to even get a ball in.

I had an awesome time today and I’m pretty glad that my VJ friends and our BAGs finally got to meet each another! Except for Andre and Samew who didn’t turn up today. That would make it a sextet, would it?

Avalon – Beat Service

As a reminder to myself when I’m thinking of going to Avalon to club next time, the queue for a taxi home is insane! It was raining and the few taxi stands that were available were crowded with people from clubs/casinos/hotels etc and we waited for 1.5 hours to get a cab home.

Beat Service was playing last night and the main dancefloor was pretty big and the crowd sparse, so there was definitely a lot of space to move around.

We really did wish they had a decent DJ/room that played R&B or top40s though..

Drinks were also pretty crazy. $20 for a shot of tequila o.O have I not been clubbing for long? Is that the price of a shot nowadays?

Anyway, really don’t think I’m coming back anytime soon though. The wait for the cab home was a horrible memory.


Riders Cafe Brunch

My Uncle Henry (and Aunt Rebecca) had been very helpful with my AA205 project and even though my team bothered him and his colleagues so many times with a bombardment of questions, he still took time off his busy schedule to accomodate us!

Therefore, I decided to treat them (and my family) to brunch at Riders Cafe!

Riders Cafe is located at 51 Fairways Drive, and I would definitely recommend that you take a cab or drive in because it is way secluded and next to some horse stables.

We also had to make a reservation about 2-3 weeks in advance for brunch on a weekend, and it was really packed when we arrived at 11.30am. It also took them about 30 mins for the food to come, but we had a great time chatting in the mean time.

Blackstone Benedict. This comes with sourdough bread, and from my previous experience in San Francisco, I didn’t really like sourdough because it is very tough! This one is the same, but at least the slightly sour hollandaise sauce sort of complements it.

My uncle’s Riders Burger

My aunt ordered healthy chicken salad. Looks pretty delicious for a salad!

My dad ordered the main – squid ink pasta. I tried the pasta and it was really nice!

My mum ordered the King Threadfin, which I wouldn’t really recommend.

Our dessert was Death by Chocolate Cake, which as the name suggests, is really sinful. The 6 of us shared this slice of cake and we already had trouble finishing it.

I wouldn’t mind coming back here again, especially when there’s Marmalade Pantry next to it as well. I am also pretty interested in how much the horse-riding lessons cost nearby. So many ang-moh kids were geared up and having their lunch there.

Yes, riding a horse is on my bucket list.

Here’s a 全家副