Singapore Arts Festival 2012: Flight of the Jade Bird

This year, I was lucky enough to get invited as an alumni to the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 opening preview, Flight of the Jade Bird!

It is a musical by Mark Chan that tells of a Jade Bird, the last of its kind, meeting up with a young boy. I must admit that I didn’t quite get what was to be conveyed, and apparently a lot of the audience did not as well and left during the intermission…

I guess the highlight only came in the last half an hour, which I felt was a bit too draggy.

Nevertheless, it was a great chance to see familiar faces and old friends whom I’ve not seen for some time! It’s a pity it was getting late and I didn’t manage to hang out at the Festival Village for the post-reception.

It’s also the first time that I was so close to the newly elected President as well as a couple of ministers that were present that day!

Might be thinking of catching another show as this year’s Arts Fest is the last of the trilogy that began with “Between You and Me“.



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