Tiong Bahru Bakery

This Sunday, we made a little trip around Eng Hoon Street. It is near Tiong Bahru (where my grandma stays) and despite it being well-known for being a mature estate, a lot of new cafes/boutiques have sprung up around there recently!

Other than 40hands, which everyone probably been to by now, there is this Tiong Bahru Bakery! It’s newly opened and we first saw it on Sunday Times reviewing about their croissant. Turned out it was really famous already and the place was packed on Sunday afternoon.

I personally like chocolate croissants, so we ordered 2 and a cup of piccolo latte.

The croissants were definitely good. The skin was especially crispy, which is probably the unique part of it. They are actually under the same group as 40hands, so their coffee actually tastes the same!

The next thing I would wanna try would be their burgers. Look how interesting they are!

I would DEFINITELY recommend this place to my friends for their pastries. I think I’ll be coming back for more on Sundays too!

For a more detailed entry, you can go read about Michelle’s day there!

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