Wavehouse Sentosa – FlowRider

Last Friday after finishing my last exam of the semester, I rushed to meet Michelle to head over to Sentosa for an afternoon of fun at the Wavehouse!

It had been on my bucket list to try surfing on the FlowRider ever since it came to Singapore and after many times of going there and giving myself excuses like

1. It’s too expensive

2. There are too many people queueing to play

3. The weather sucks

I finally took the courage and determination to try it out once and for all!

It was also partially because it’s the last weekday afternoon that we have free, before working life consumes our soul.

Anyway, because I was a Nebo cardmember, I had 1-1 ride! Which means it costs me $35 for 2 hours at the FlowRider. We also had 1-1 Tiger Crystal as well, which is just awesome.

I tell you, it is not easy at all! I started off holding on to the rope and moving backwards, but more often than not I fell off the board after a few seconds.

Luckily, the material that you fall on feels like a trampoline so it’s not painful at all.


After a while, I finally got the hang of it and managed to “surf” for a little while longer.

It was really damn fun and I wish I could go again. Only probably I wouldn’t want to go on a weekend because when they allow up to 10 people per wave, it could take be a long while of waiting before it’s your turn to play.

The instructors there were also very helpful in giving tips on how to remain standing.

So long my Summer Holidays!


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