Mom’s Birthday at Chiso Zanmai

I brought my mom to have her birthday dinner at Chiso Zanmai! It’s a Japanese buffet at The Central. It costs about $29++ on a weekend dinner and it’s advisable to make reservations in advance because when we arrived, it was fully packed with some guests waiting!

I haven’t had a buffet for some time, so I was really craving for the salmon sashimi and the ebi tempura, as well as the okonomiyaki that is supposedly famous!

Okonomiyaki – Osaka style

This pre-prepared ramen was just bad..

The cooked food section

I didn’t take any pictures, but their salmon sashimi was really nice!!

The cold food section


The Desserts!

I actually quite like their matcha creme brulee and their chocolate eclaire.

The cold food section was mehhh and I was pretty disappointed with their cha soba. Their green tea tofu was more like pudding instead!

My happy parents after the buffet!

I don’t think we’ll come back to try the food again because there really wasn’t anything special, other than the relatively cheap price for the variety they had!


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