Audi Fashion Festival 2012

Even though I am in the middle of doing my internship this summer, I’m very thankful that I still have a work-life balance to enjoy myself!

Last week, I won tickets to Audi Fashion Festival 2012 and it was the first (and probably last) fashion runway event that I’ve been to!

It features French designer Roland Mouret’s A/W 2012 collection.

I guess the fun part for me was enjoying the pre-fashion runway refreshments session.

Don’t we look good on the red carpet!! (I know I am very under-dressed for the occasion but it’s the best I could come up with)

Their various sponsors like magnum, belvedere, nespresso, canon etc were all there to let the guests sample/drink/try their products. I’d give a thumbs up to all of them for their service and products!

In case you’d think it was an all female event there, you’d be wrong. There are many guys there too, and in case the guys get bored, this Audi R8 GT Spyder is sure to catch your attention.

I also tried to hear/eavesdrop on what the other VIPs and people-who-look-like-they-are-in-the-fashion-circle are saying, and one of the opening topics was “Who are you wearing?” I definitely would be too embarrassed to answer that…

I also took notice at how many of the guests are actually quite rude to the waiters/waitresses, and I wonder if it’s a common thing for people of their class to do so.

Anyhow, I had much fun that night and all this was thanks to Heineken for having the contest.



Singapore Arts Festival 2012: Flight of the Jade Bird

This year, I was lucky enough to get invited as an alumni to the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 opening preview, Flight of the Jade Bird!

It is a musical by Mark Chan that tells of a Jade Bird, the last of its kind, meeting up with a young boy. I must admit that I didn’t quite get what was to be conveyed, and apparently a lot of the audience did not as well and left during the intermission…

I guess the highlight only came in the last half an hour, which I felt was a bit too draggy.

Nevertheless, it was a great chance to see familiar faces and old friends whom I’ve not seen for some time! It’s a pity it was getting late and I didn’t manage to hang out at the Festival Village for the post-reception.

It’s also the first time that I was so close to the newly elected President as well as a couple of ministers that were present that day!

Might be thinking of catching another show as this year’s Arts Fest is the last of the trilogy that began with “Between You and Me“.



Tiong Bahru Bakery

This Sunday, we made a little trip around Eng Hoon Street. It is near Tiong Bahru (where my grandma stays) and despite it being well-known for being a mature estate, a lot of new cafes/boutiques have sprung up around there recently!

Other than 40hands, which everyone probably been to by now, there is this Tiong Bahru Bakery! It’s newly opened and we first saw it on Sunday Times reviewing about their croissant. Turned out it was really famous already and the place was packed on Sunday afternoon.

I personally like chocolate croissants, so we ordered 2 and a cup of piccolo latte.

The croissants were definitely good. The skin was especially crispy, which is probably the unique part of it. They are actually under the same group as 40hands, so their coffee actually tastes the same!

The next thing I would wanna try would be their burgers. Look how interesting they are!

I would DEFINITELY recommend this place to my friends for their pastries. I think I’ll be coming back for more on Sundays too!

For a more detailed entry, you can go read about Michelle’s day there!

Wavehouse Sentosa – FlowRider

Last Friday after finishing my last exam of the semester, I rushed to meet Michelle to head over to Sentosa for an afternoon of fun at the Wavehouse!

It had been on my bucket list to try surfing on the FlowRider ever since it came to Singapore and after many times of going there and giving myself excuses like

1. It’s too expensive

2. There are too many people queueing to play

3. The weather sucks

I finally took the courage and determination to try it out once and for all!

It was also partially because it’s the last weekday afternoon that we have free, before working life consumes our soul.

Anyway, because I was a Nebo cardmember, I had 1-1 ride! Which means it costs me $35 for 2 hours at the FlowRider. We also had 1-1 Tiger Crystal as well, which is just awesome.

I tell you, it is not easy at all! I started off holding on to the rope and moving backwards, but more often than not I fell off the board after a few seconds.

Luckily, the material that you fall on feels like a trampoline so it’s not painful at all.


After a while, I finally got the hang of it and managed to “surf” for a little while longer.

It was really damn fun and I wish I could go again. Only probably I wouldn’t want to go on a weekend because when they allow up to 10 people per wave, it could take be a long while of waiting before it’s your turn to play.

The instructors there were also very helpful in giving tips on how to remain standing.

So long my Summer Holidays!

The Avengers

I managed to win free movie passes to Marvel The Avengers premier screening from STProperty’s Facebook contest!

The screening was at FilmGarde (Illuma) and the movie is definitely the best blockbuster I’ve watched this year!

I love the humor, and also how the different superheroes all come together in 1 movie. How awesome is that when they work together to defeat some boss monster from outside earth. (Reminds me of Transformers where they teleported enemy aliens from outer universe)

It was a good 2 hour long movie, but every minute felt good. If you haven’t caught it, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!!

My favorite character is probably still Iron Man. Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist.


Mom’s Birthday at Chiso Zanmai

I brought my mom to have her birthday dinner at Chiso Zanmai! It’s a Japanese buffet at The Central. It costs about $29++ on a weekend dinner and it’s advisable to make reservations in advance because when we arrived, it was fully packed with some guests waiting!

I haven’t had a buffet for some time, so I was really craving for the salmon sashimi and the ebi tempura, as well as the okonomiyaki that is supposedly famous!

Okonomiyaki – Osaka style

This pre-prepared ramen was just bad..

The cooked food section

I didn’t take any pictures, but their salmon sashimi was really nice!!

The cold food section


The Desserts!

I actually quite like their matcha creme brulee and their chocolate eclaire.

The cold food section was mehhh and I was pretty disappointed with their cha soba. Their green tea tofu was more like pudding instead!

My happy parents after the buffet!

I don’t think we’ll come back to try the food again because there really wasn’t anything special, other than the relatively cheap price for the variety they had!