Exams Year 2 Semester 2

It’s the exam period again! I lost the motivation to blog recently because my life had been basically just studying on most days. Worse still, mine stretches all the way from the beginning of the exam period right till the end.

This summer, I will also embark on my internship! It begins the Monday straight after my exams (IKR I have no break) and I’ll be working at C N Tiew & Co. Quite looking forward to it, because I’ll get a taste of what my working life/career will be next time when I graduate.

Also, I went to calculate my potential best-case-scenario GPA, in which my remaining 3 semesters of grades (assuming I don’t S/U any more electives) all get 5.0. I will get a CGPA of 4.6!


And may the curve be ever in your favor.


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