Antoinette at Scarlet Hotel

Tucked into a little quiet street at 33 Erskine Road, we almost couldn’t find Antoinette.

We went there especially for their desserts, which Michelle had been craving for a long time.

When we reached there at 6pm, there were only 2 The Antoinette left. It’s the one with the superb reviews and hence, we took them both.

The silicon looking globule at the top is to be burst, and some filling will ooze out onto the cake. It also has an earl grey centre that was really delicious!

The other 2 cakes that we ordered were some caramel cream puff thingy and another chocolatey cake. Pardon my memory.

I think the boob on a boob is nicer than the chocolate cake though, which was really normal.

It costs us $40 for 4 desserts, which was pretty justified given its ambience.

Probably will just order The Antoinette next time when I’m back.

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