Exams Year 2 Semester 2

It’s the exam period again! I lost the motivation to blog recently because my life had been basically just studying on most days. Worse still, mine stretches all the way from the beginning of the exam period right till the end.

This summer, I will also embark on my internship! It begins the Monday straight after my exams (IKR I have no break) and I’ll be working at C N Tiew & Co. Quite looking forward to it, because I’ll get a taste of what my working life/career will be next time when I graduate.

Also, I went to calculate my potential best-case-scenario GPA, in which my remaining 3 semesters of grades (assuming I don’t S/U any more electives) all get 5.0. I will get a CGPA of 4.6!


And may the curve be ever in your favor.

3 Idiots

The first Indian movie I’ve watched this year is 3 Idiots. It is apparently the highest grossing film in India of all time, and it relates to college education.

At first, I was quite skeptical about watching an Indian movie that is 2 hours 40 minutes long. It turned out to be totally awesome! I loved the plot and how a movie does not need any high-budget movie effects to be a fantastic one.

It’s also entertaining for me because I can certainly link some parts of the movie to Singapore’s context, that are actually very relevant. Best of all it’s extremely funny too!

To everyone out there who are still studying (especially engineers), please do go watch it!


Le Bistrot

We have heard raving reviews about this French restaurant Le Bistrot from friends, and Michelle and I longed to try it out for ourselves! In fact it is our first French meal together =D

It’s located at 2 Stadium Walk, right beside the Indoor Stadium. Their menu is fixed for lunch and dinner, and it costs $50 for an appetizer and main, or a main and dessert!

Here’s what we ordered.

Poor Man's Caviar - verrine of eggplant and garlic purée, chicken liver mousse and Pernod crème fraîche, served with chargrilled bread

The appetizer was perhaps the nicest of what we had that day. Their bread was a bit burnt and too hard though.

Crumble à la Joue de Bœuf Wagyu, Pommes Sarladaises - crumble of braised Wagyu beef cheek served with duck fat potatoes and mesclun salad

I loved the beef cheek, it has a lot of the tendon/gelatin tastes and the cheese crumble on top is nice. Actually, I think their duck fat potatoes was probably the nicest thing I had that day. Yes, it was really nice. I had to add $8 for this dish though.

Confit de Cuisses de Canard - duck leg confit with honey-mustard vinaigrette and creamy potato purée

I think this is over-rated. Yes, the portion is big with 2 duck legs but it was not as tender as we expected. The one that Michelle had was exceptionally tough and so difficult to chew through she couldn’t finish it.

Crème Brulée - 2 x Earl Grey, and 1 x amaretto-griottine

We wanted to have the vanilla bean, but they were out of that. Again, this wasn’t very nice and I’m not really a fan of crème brulée in the first place.

Nevertheless, we did like the place itself.

We also got to stroll along the river and took some nice photos!

Happy Monthversary ❤

Hunger Games

I just thought I should do a post on one of the highly anticipated movies this year. I watched Hunger Games on the opening weekend at Golden Village (GV) Katong! In case you don’t know, I12 Katong now has 6 theaters and personally, I think they are pretty grand. Bonus is it’s a 5 minutes walk from my house.

The Hunger Games Trilogy was originally written by Suzanne Collins, but I didn’t have the time to read them. Apparently the first book (which is this movie) was the most exciting one of them all, and I really thought the movie itself was captivating.

As expected, I bugged Michelle to tell me the entire story in the 2nd and 3rd book as it’s not a wise choice to read the books after you’ve watched the movie.

Just a funny thought, have any of you wondered what their child will be called if Peeta and Katniss were to combine their names together.

Antoinette at Scarlet Hotel

Tucked into a little quiet street at 33 Erskine Road, we almost couldn’t find Antoinette.

We went there especially for their desserts, which Michelle had been craving for a long time.

When we reached there at 6pm, there were only 2 The Antoinette left. It’s the one with the superb reviews and hence, we took them both.

The silicon looking globule at the top is to be burst, and some filling will ooze out onto the cake. It also has an earl grey centre that was really delicious!

The other 2 cakes that we ordered were some caramel cream puff thingy and another chocolatey cake. Pardon my memory.

I think the boob on a boob is nicer than the chocolate cake though, which was really normal.

It costs us $40 for 4 desserts, which was pretty justified given its ambience.

Probably will just order The Antoinette next time when I’m back.