Tiger Beer Event

I found out about this Tiger Beer Spin the Bottle Event on Facebook, and after one lucky spin, I managed to score myself a lucky pair of invites to the Tiger Beer Live It Up Party at Wave House, Sentosa!

What drew me into this event was the free flow of Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal from 3-5pm. It was really awesome and they were really cool with the beers!

The sun was so good that it was scorching hot and the ice cold beer totally helped to quench the heat.

There were games played, and performances by 53A. They were really good live!

I heard they perform at Timbre, so definitely some day I’ll go there for drinks and chill when they have a gig.

Happy Faces from the event.

Also met Huan Yu there, and I had a Jousting match with him.

Such a great day of fun at the beach with Tiger Beer. Excellent way to unwind after a long week!


More photos over here.


KONY 2012

This is one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen, and I wish to spread the word about Joseph Kony.

The video is 30 minutes long, but it gives us an introduction on who is KONY. Most importantly, it tells us what to do to stop him.

Spread this video and hopefully, KONY 2012 will succeed.


I finally caught WICKED with Michelle on our 27th monthversary, at Grand Theatre MBS!

It all started when we happened to chance by a promotion by Paypal while walking into Holland Village MRT. We can buy a pair of Category D tickets for 50% off! Which means we only pay $103 for 2 tickets. It was a snatch and I bought it immediately after scanning the QR code promotion with my iPhone. I was quite lucky I did it fast because it was fully redeemed and sold out soon after!

This was the view from our seats, which were quite high up (could say it’s the 3rd storey). We sat right at the front row of that tier, which means there was this safety metal railing that was blocking our view of the stage most of the time. We had to lean forward or slouch in our seats to get a full view of the stage.

Nevertheless, it was an extremely good musical!

This one is my favorite.