Valentine’s Day 2012

Michelle and I celebrated Valentine’s Day 2012 with a special twist to it!

We agreed to give each other small gifts that we will reveal at every 14th minute past the hour! At first I was quite stressed because instead of getting 1 gift, we would need to get each other 7 gifts instead. However, it turned out to be pretty fun in the end.

These were her presents for me!

We decided to have our romantic dinner that evening at Ichiban Boshi instead of the overpriced restaurants that are trying to rip hapless couples off.

It was in fact an excellent meal that’s worth the $25.90!

For the rest of the night, we basically just walked around and waited for the time to exchange presents. I did a mini acrylic painting for Michelle that was definitely my highlight of the gifts.

It’s my first ever painting on canvas though, so it’s definitely amateur standard.

For the rest of the pictures and a more detailed entry, you can go read Michelle’s blog post!

I certainly had a great Valentine’s Day with this idea.

Thanks dear!

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