Phonathon Lessons

I started working part-time under the NTU iGave campaign – as a student caller for Phonathon.

I hope this would be a good way to earn some spare pocket money, but I didn’t expect to have a deep thoughtful moment this evening when I called an alumni.

The parent of the alumni picked up the phone when I called, and when I asked for his daughter, he said with a very pained voice,”她已经很久没有回来了。我不清楚她的电话号码,很久没有看到她了。”

At that moment, I felt so much sadness that I was quiet for a while. I wanted to console him but I knew I was in no position as a stranger on the phone to say much, nor do I know any more background information to speak my thoughts.

After I put down the call, I pondered if I would be doing the same thing to my parents next time when I have my own family and work long hours; barely having much time to spare.

Therefore, I promise that I’ll visit them at least once a week. Even when life gets tough, I shall never forget about being filial.


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